Yep, It’s Official: Fantasia and Antwaun Are Done; He’s Going For Reality Stars Now

Reality star Kendra James with her new squeeze, Antwaun Cook. Cook is still married to his wife Paula at this late date, but it’s finally over between him and singer-actress Fantasia Barrino (Courtesy: Crunk & Disorderly)

I saw this news midweek of last week.  Well, better late than never, but it took too long for Fantasia Barrino to realize that he wasn’t Mr. Right; but Mr. Right Now.

This story is so lower-case that only a few publications are covering it.  I guess they are waiting for a suicide attempt.  Everyone was expecting a break-up eventually, all except Fantasia.  No word on that Mahalia movie, but she’s been performing in the Caribbean lately.  That’s where she’s had a public breakdown on stage.

Fantasia breaking up in Trinidad; there’s Trini-love for the singer, but no love–meaning self-love—is left in her life (Courtesy: Urban Islandz)

I’m going to let The Guardian tell it.  At least they get their names right:

An emotional Fantasia Barrino broke down in tears in front of hundreds of adoring fans during her performance at the Truth Is concert staged at the Ambassador Hotel, Port-of-Spain, on Saturday night. Allowing the tears to flow freely, the Grammy Award and 2004 American Idol winner had the crowd awestruck, as she cried while delivering her hit song Even Angels, from her third album Back To Me.

The star who was in Trinidad to celebrate her 28th birthday told fans she had been through many obstacles in her life but had emerged stronger with the help of God. “No matter what you’ve been through, know that you can fly. I have to tell God thank you because he has blessed me. Just when I thought it was all over, he kept blessing me,” said Fantasia. “He’s always been there. I made it through because of God…Everything I went through is my testimony.”

Noting that the music industry is “very snakish,” Fantasia said it got very tough sometimes, as she had to deal with a lot of negativity during her career. She said, “This year, we lost Whitney Houston…They just wouldn’t leave her alone. They did not understand that she was only human. We lose family, friends, all for the love of money. The only person who will never leave you is Jesus.”

Man, don’t bring Whitney into this.  You are not even up to her level of singing, before the drugs, age and neglect ruined that memorable voice.  Snakish, huh?  You know what you did.  Leave Whitney and her woes out of this.  Focus on you.

The name of the new woman in Antwaun Cook’s life is alleged to be Kendra James, who starred in the fourth season of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. (No, I haven’t seen her; I don’t watch very many reality shows because I think that they are brain-rot that encourages bad behavior.)   James published photos (one of them is above) on her Instagram account showing off her man and his friends.  Naturally, she got a lot of e-mail asking her whether her new man was indeed the notorious Mr. Cook, and did she know that he was still married to his wife?  Finally those photos came down, but the damage was done.  Said Young, Black and Fabulous:

Rumor has it that Fantasia‘s baby daddy Antwaun Cook has moved on to his next victim.  We don’t know if his divorce from his estranged wife Paula is final yet, but we do hear that former “Bad Girls Club” star, Kendra James, is his newest boo thang. See their Instagram love inside and get deets on Kendra’s suspicious behavior…

Kendra James, a former star of Oxygren’s “Bad Girls Club,” recently posted a pic of her looking quite “close” to a young man.  But once folks on her Instagram asked if the dude was Fantasia’s baby daddy Antwaun Cook (since it very much looks like him), the pic was mysteriously deleted.  And Kendra also deleted the link from her Twitter account.  Why go through all of that behind a simple question Kendra?

The reality chick also posted a second pic with two other gentleman, whom a source identified as Antwaun’s fraternity brothers. Our source added that Antwaun revealed to his own friends that he and Kendra ARE dating and have been together about 3 months.

And Ant has had some suspicious social media behavior of his own.   At one point, he was following only one person on Instagram and it was Kendra James. He’s added a few more now.  But since she was your very first, we put money on it some chop down action is going on somewhere.

You know, I Tweet and share, too.  But mostly about news items that I think my feed readers would be interested in, on top of my articles here on TBSP.    But I don’t talk much about my stuff.  I’ve got enough to deal with, to get over, and to forgive.  I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way.  Bad enough if it is known in your family or among your friends.  Having the whole world know is even more bad news.  It is worse than The Scarlet Letter of Hawthorne’s novel.

I’ve been watching how people put stuff on the Web, conveniently forgetting that this stuff is now forever.  Once you put stuff on the Web, it’s on around the world.  Oh, yeah.  There have been some hilarious incidents where even robbers boast on Facebook or Twitter that they pulled a heist and find themselves in the slammer for their pains.  But something like this—like showing yourself with your married lover and his friends—may affect things that you do from now on.  And it could be as innocuous as these photos. It shows you to be unstable and presenting anti-social behavior (alienating the affections of a husband from his wife, for instance).  Like for getting a job or a loan  or adopting a child or buying a house.  These D List people may think that they are above everyone and that they won’t be affected, in an industry that rewards bad behavior.  Suuuure.  When the cameras are off, real life tends to intrude on these “stars.”  Best to keep the “reality” going a bit longer, right?  Because you’ll always be on, and you’ll never really know what is up or down, right or wrong.

Do I think it will last between James and Cook, if the stories are true that they are dating?  Probably not, but I think Kendra James has more sense than becoming a baby mama.  If she had an opportunity to become C or B List, she would take it, just to stay famous, just to stay current, and in the gossip mags and websites.  Cook seems to be the same way.  Once he’s gotten what he wants from James, he’s moving on.  The same would happen with James if she felt that Cook was dead weight.  They’re celebrity hustlers.  The Universe forbid if their careers stop.

At the rate this mess is going, they may call it a day because they were caught in those photos.  Or lie low until it is safe to be officially seen with each other.

As for Fantasia—well, time will tell whether she has finally gotten some common sense and will move forward and beyond Antwaun Cook and men like him.

And first off, she might try to repair her karma by apologizing to Paula Cook.  Not hoping, just saying.

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