What I Am Working On This Week: Katherine Jackson, Eddie Long, and a Book Review Page

…namely my first book review, and also a commentary on what’ popped up recently on the radar regarding the Jackson family and Eddie Long.

I’m going to wait a bit to speak about the Colorado tragedy.  This stuff is really overwhelming right now.

Katherine Jackson, 82, was reported missing by one of her grandchildren, and even Paris Jackson was concerned enough to tweet that she hadn’t seen or heard from her in days.  TMZ went full tilt until they and others were assured that the Jackson matriarch was in relatively good health and with other family members in another state.  But this does not look good, particularly since Katherine’s grasping children are again trying to break Michael’s will (and with the supposed help of the Reverend Al Sharpton) to get at all that gold before the true heirs come of age.

So stay close.  It’s gonna be another hot week, though.

~ by blksista on July 23, 2012.

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