No Trial Date Set for Mario McNeill or for Shaniya’s Mother, Antoinette Davis

I’ve been noticing all the traffic coming to previous blog posts regarding the Shaniya Davis case.  I appreciate your visits.   Yesterday, July 28, 2012, in order to update what I knew about the Davis case, I found out there has been no trial date set for her alleged murderer, Mario Andrette McNeill or for her mother, Antoinette Davis, who is said to have sold her daughter to McNeill to settle a debt involving drugs.

Where did I get this information?

The Fayetteville Observer, that’s where.  This is what columnist Bill Kirby said in answer to a query brought by a reader, Claudia Swartz, about the case:

Claudia Swartz wants to know the status of Mario McNeill, who is charged in the death of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis in 2009. It has been 984 days since the little girl was found dead amid underbrush and deer carcasses near the Harnett-Lee county line. No trial date has been set.

That’s it.  That’s all.  Nine hundred and eighty-four days since the little girl was found raped and lifeless miles from her mother’s house.  Nearly three years.

I think I have said before that the longer this man is incarcerated without trial, the more reason his attorneys could argue that he should be let go for time served, and the same could be said for Antoinette Davis, her mother.

This could be a disaster for justice.  Why all the footdragging?  Why make it possible for McNeill to walk?

There is something really funky about this entire, horrible event.  Barring the possibility that the county may not have the funds to front a high profile trial, some thing, some truth is being suppressed, I feel.

And the column was written with this headline, “Some Things Can’t Be Explained.”


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5 Responses to “No Trial Date Set for Mario McNeill or for Shaniya’s Mother, Antoinette Davis”

  1. What the heck is going on?Still no trial dates? Who is responsible for this mockery of justice? It makes me SICK!!


  2. When Shaniya’s “mother” was released from jail I sent an email to Govenor Perdue (NC) and told her how upset I was in so many words and now I am on their email list for updates on how great NC is doing. I still get emails to this day. (I’m from Michigan) And in my earlier post I called the prosecuters office about 2 weeks ago. This case has hurt my heart so much.


  3. I can’t stop thinking about Shaniya so much as I called the NC prosecuting office and spoke to someone about what is going on and she simply told me she was unaware of a trial date. I told her this is disgraceful and unjust for Shaniya and she agreed. (of Course she did)


  4. Cheers for the update, appreciated.


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