This Black Sista’s Page Is Moving…


Well, moving’s not going to get THAT complicated. (Courtesy: francescopozzi)

…from to a self-hosted blog using by the end of this week.

This is not only for a class I am taking about how to be a better Webmistress and editor. Rather, the blog has outgrown its limitations on

When I want to use a certain video, for instance, I would have to convert it to something palatable to, and more and more I could not do it, particularly after the demise of Vodpod, which is now called Lockerz.  I want my embedding to be less about contortions and more about bringing information to you all.

Also, I wanted to have advertising on the blog. When I would log in as simply a reader, I would occasionally see small ads under one of my stories. Of course, any revenue would come to WordPress, and not to me, especially on those days when there is a lot of traffic.

Finally, I wanted to revise how the blog looks right now. I want to make the margins larger, the print a little bigger, and make room for ads and add some other visual wonders. So the blog is going to change in a better form.

The writing, however, will stay the same.

So, hold onto your hats, and enjoy the ride.   (Don’t worry, there will be a link provided as to my new location.)

~ by blksista on August 1, 2012.

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  1. Best wishes on the move ! I will be following you over there !


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