Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: We’ve Got a Shooting in an Oak Creek Sikh Temple

A Sikh man wipes away tears outside the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wi. where a mass shooting occurred late this morning. (Courtesy: Associated Press)

Came back from World Peace Gongyo this morning to find that again, guns are going off every freaking where. Sixteen days after the horror in Aurora, a mass shooting has occurred just outside of Milwaukee, WI around 10 this morning at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, WI, in a suburb just outside of Milwaukee.

At least seven people are known dead, including the suspect, and three are in very serious condition in the hospital. One police officer was gunned down, authorities say, but another police officer shot the suspect as he made his escape. They have brought in the FBI, and they clearly consider this a possible act of domestic terrorism.

Sikh women, children and men stand outside the scene of a shooting inside The Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wi. Police in Wisconsin say at least seven people are dead at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, including the suspected gunman. (Courtesy: Associated Press)

Sikh Americans and residents have undergone increasing threats, attacks, and other discriminatory practices since 9/11.  This is because the men and boys wear full beards, the men and women wear turbans to cover their long, long hair.  The men and boys also wear little, decorative, curved knives, called kirpan, at their belts.   All these outer identifiers are sacraments to them.  Get a clue, people. These religious are not Muslims. The sect came into being in India in the 15th century.   They have more to do with Hindus than with Muslims in India, where Amritsar is their holy city in the state of Punjab.

There are 30 million Sikhs worldwide; an estimated 200,000 reside here in the United States.  And no, they are not normally prone to extremism or violent acts.

I came across them in the Seventies.  A more handsome, respectful, and gentle bunch of men and women you’d never see in this lifetime.  This is some shameful stuff.

From HuffPo:

4:23 PM – Today

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards confirmed that seven people were killed and three people were injured in a shooting at a Sikh temple sunday morning.

He said the initial 9/11 call came in around 10:30 a.m., and police responded, finding one person injured. An officer was attending to the injured person when he was ambushed and shot multiple times by the suspect. A second officer then arrived, was shot at by the suspect, and then returned fire, killing him, said Edwards.

“It’s taken most of the day to clear that area, the church itself and the surrounding area, because of the conflicting reports we got about how many people were involved,” he said.

The FBI will be handling the criminal investigation and it will be treated as a domestic terrorist incident.

Another press conference will be held Monday morning at 10 a.m. central time.

Edwards said the injured officer still has family that needs to be notified. He offered no information on the suspect.

Everyone has been evacuated from the temple.

The three wounded have been shot in the face, neck, chest, and other extremities.

This country needs prayer.  This is a hate crime.

More later.

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