The Democratic Convention, September 4, 2012: The First Lady Hits It Way Out of The Park

Here is the speech.

Afterwards, my Facebook feed exploded with photos of Michelle from all angles, texts and commentary all laudatory, all ecstatic.  But this one from Concrete Loop was one of my favorites.

And meanwhile, back at the White House

Yup, Sasha and Malia with dad, watching the big show in Charlotte.  Frankly, I’d like to have that long-running love affair happening in the White House rather than the Romneys’  marriage.

Finally, Bill Maher has the last word tonight from his FB page:

Michele Obama – wow! After that speech, look out Hillary she may beat ya to the white house.

That would really hurt the Big Dog’s heart, and he’s on deck tomorrow night.

I doubt whether Michelle wants to be a politician, but tonight she was my First Lady.  She had the nation—and me—in the palm of her hand.  Well done, my sister.

~ by blksista on September 4, 2012.

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