The Democratic Convention, September 5, 2012: The Big Dog Returns…in More Ways Than One

This was the best speech ever laying out exactly why President Obama deserves re-election, how President Clinton was able to create such a powerful economy during the Nineties, and how the Tea-publican Party doesn’t deserve a chance to put another nincompoop, George W. Bush-type in the Oval OfficeEVER.

Clinton has been restless and dis-spirited in his own right about how Obama and his people has been handling how to convey to Americans what was really going on with Congress, as well as Obama’s economic plan, which mirrors how Clinton got everyone working.   More to the point, the former president was angered by Republican claims—lies—that President Obama was dismantling Clinton’s welfare-to-work law by allowing certain states to put together their own plans for upholding the law.  Romney-Ryan have accused the Obama administration of  rewarding blacks with unlimited amounts of welfare monies.

I got a Facebook comment from a friend during the speech.  She feared that Clinton was going on too long.  No, he wasn’t, I wrote back.  This shit needs to be said.  I knew that the Big Dog was being given a wide berth to say exactly what he has been yearning to say for two long years.  Even Clinton said on stage that he was clearly outlining for the information-deficit types.  And it included castigating the high level of visceral, personal hatred that has been aimed at Barack Obama.  Today, a grateful President Obama, still amazed at the 45-minute effective teardown of Republican policies and surrogates, said that Bill Clinton was “the secretary for explaining stuff.”

The response from the right-wing clack machine was telling.  At first, they praised Clinton; then they didn’t know what else to say.  When they tried to pick apart Clinton’s arguments, they found that they were standing on shaky ground, and that everything Clinton had said was true.  Finally, Dick Morris on Twitter said that Clinton’s speech was too intellectual, and had too many facts for it to parse out for its viewership.

Some said Clinton did it for Hillary, for whom Bill has hopes for 2016.  (For the record, Hill is on the fence.  She has found being secretary of state harder than she thought it was going to be.)  Others have said that Clinton and Obama do not get along.  Possibly.  Clinton’s problem is that he still thinks he can do things better than anyone currently in office.  That’s not great if there is a Democrat sitting in his chair.

For myself, I still cannot forgive the racial dog-whistles both Clintons uttered during 2008, even to Hillary hoping publicly that Obama be assassinated.  A couple of racist remarks from Bill so upset Teddy Kennedy, who was still trying to make up his mind regarding the two candidates, that he threw his support to Barack Obama.  It was offensive to Kennedy because he, like his late brother Bobby, had long felt that the future of the party lay with people of color.  Clinton displayed an overweening arrogance and relentless drive to propel his wife (and himself) back into the White House that did not help him with blacks, the Democrats’ largest constituency, who began to defect from the Clintons because of these remarks and because of Obama’s primary successes.  It did not resonate well with Democratic statesmen like Jimmy Carter, who also spoke out about Clinton’s race talk that season.  And it was not a pretty sight, because it was turning into an internecine “blood sport” that Bill Clinton was railing against Wednesday night.

Well, that was then.  And look who’s carrying whose bags now.  That bear hug Obama gave Clinton at the close of his speech was heartfelt.  I studied stills of that hug, looking at Clinton and at Obama’s expressions.  It was not stagecraft.  It meant that they were definitely on the same page, fighting against the same right-wing conspiracy.  That’s why there is silence in Mordor.  That’s a probable reason why Romney has pulled political advertising in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and in other states. Why?  Retooling the message maybe.  Or ceding some states to Obama for the time being.   Clinton is going to be speaking on Obama’s behalf in Florida soon, and other in battleground states.  Romney may have a chunk of change from his right-wing donors to spread about the electronic media; he has those right-wing PACs, but Obama has the ground game, and he has more campaign offices open than Romney.  And there is only so many ads to place on television and cable.  The saturation point for voters and viewers may come faster than the election in November.

How long will the Clinton-Obama alliance last?  At the very least, until the election is over, and Obama has his second term.  Or until Clinton gets pissed off at Obama again…

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