Vanessa Long Breaks Her Long Silence About Not Divorcing Bishop Eddie Long

Umph.  Know what I think?  I think the money wasn’t there for her to divorce.

I mean, do you all believe this change of heart?  Or rather, pocketbook?

“I realized that the best thing I could do was to let you see me as a woman, just like you. A woman capable of making good decisions and a woman capable of making bad decisions,” Long said. “Instead of condemning myself, I can use what happened as an opportunity to minister myself to someone else going through a storm.”

Mrs. Long received a standing ovation for revealing her struggles almost exactly two years after her husband’s accusers originally surfaced.

“Long received immense support for speaking to the Heart to Heart ministry, with several congregants on New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s Facebook page calling her speech ‘powerful,’ ‘inspiring,’ and spiritual,” The Christian Post reports.


Long himself was not present at this meeting, but sure as shooting this turn in events was orchestrated.

In July, Centino Kemp, who is now living back in The Bahamas, took to his Twitter page once again to castigate the bishop for announcing a “gospel conference” in Kemp’s hometown.  After witnessing some of the young brother’s craziness online, it stands to reason that a stopped clock is right at least twice a day.  Long does have his effing nerve:

Centino Kemp rages against Bishop Long’s Bahamian gospel conference, which occurs next week (Courtesy: Twitter via Rhymes with Snitch)

Some island onlookers who were hip to the doings in the States weren’t exactly ecstatic about this development either, as indicated in this interesting editorial.

Now, this coming weekend, from September 10 to 12, Long is scheduled to host a “Spirit and Truth” (HaHa! Oh the irony) conference in Nassau. Before April 1, the tickets were a hefty $75 each and up to $100 per person for “onsite registration.”

According to the event’s webpage, speakers for the event include Long, “Pastor Jacobus Brouwers, Bishop Terrell Murphy, Bishop Gary Oliver, Pastor Stephen Davis, Pastor Laurence Powell” and prominent local Pastor, “Neil C. Eliis.” How in God‘s name (no pun intended) can a local Bahamian pastor support and speak at the event of a man, who says the “Lord is my keeper” but yet settled out of court against allegations of sexual misconduct against a fellow Bahamian? This is totally unacceptable, inexcusable and unjustifiable.

The Bahamas Christian Council a local religious advocacy group is usually vocal on many different issues, but somehow, on this topic mum’s the word!

Today, I call upon the Bahamas Christian Council to stand up to, for the first time in their existence, do the right thing and actually speak out against a real injustice – protest the presence of Eddie Long in The Bahamas.

Eddie Long represents everything wrong with humanity and society and with the recent media reports of sexual assault against women earlier this year and now men, the last thing this country needs is to be influenced by the likes of Long.

I call upon all Bahamians regardless of their religious persuasion to boycott this upcoming atrocity set to take place in our Bahama Land and tell Long to stay away.

He hasn’t.  Too much money is involved, and too many people have had their palms buttered.  No word yet whether this gathering is making big book.  But as indicated by his relative success in South Africa a year or so ago, there will always be those who will be suckered in by this man.

Plus the Wall Street Journa1 had a few words on Eddie Long a few weeks back on his financial skullduggery with Ephren Taylor:

The SEC in April filed civil charges against Ephren Taylor II, his former company and an employee for allegedly running a Ponzi scheme that targeted investors in church congregations.

The SEC’s claim says Mr. Taylor raised about $11 million by persuading people to roll over retirement assets to self-directed IRAs to be invested in promissory notes funding small businesses or interests in so-called sweepstakes machines, which are computers loaded with games resembling those in casinos.

Instead, the claim says, the money was used to pay other investors and finance Mr. Taylor’s personal and company expenses.

On July 18, the SEC filed a motion in U.S. District Court in Atlanta to enter a partial judgment in which Mr. Taylor consents to be barred as a company officer or director but doesn’t admit or deny guilt. The proposed agreement doesn’t include settlement of financial penalties.

“By settling with the SEC, Mr. Taylor has taken a large step toward a global resolution of the allegations against him,” Christopher Bruno, Mr. Taylor’s lawyer, wrote in an email.

Mr. Taylor also has been sued by investors in two civil claims alleging fraud. A claim filed in Georgia in October named Equity Trust, a self-directed IRA custodian in Elyria, Ohio, as a defendant, along with Bishop Eddie L. Long, senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta, from which Mr. Taylor recruited investors.

Mr. Long and the church, also a defendant, said in a January court filing that they had no “confidential or fiduciary relationship” with the churchgoers who invested with Mr. Taylor after hearing him speak at the church, and that they aren’t liable for investors’ losses. A spokesman for Mr. Long didn’t respond to a request for further comment.

Get him. He doesn’t want to pay his parishioners back for bringing that shyster into the sanctuary and perhaps taking a cut? He may just have to repay these people a token sum sooner or later, but he’s going to make sure it doesn’t take any skin off his bank account.

Back to Vanessa Long.  I mean, I cannot see it.  Morally, he is loathsome. He cheated his parishioners and cheated on his wife. First, it means that she and her erring husband are a couple in more ways than one.  Sorry, but as for me, I couldn’t go back with a man who has a taste for teenage boys and young men.  Second, it may mean that Long has done what another pastor, Ted Haggard, has done.  That is, in exchange for his coming home, his woman is patrolling his behavior.  If so, it ain’t gonna last.  It could be that Vanessa has tacitly given him his sexual freedom so long as he doesn’t touch her, but I don’t see this either.

Whether Long is bisexual, gay, or whatever, this is a man who is going to always do what he wants to do.  The moment Vanessa learns that she has gotten a sexually-transmitted disease from him, I don’t think that the marriage is going to survive.  Then again, if this has already occurred and she’s forgiven him, it may mean she is more gulled than the parishioners who lost their savings investing with his dubious friends.  A lot of women who have contracted these awful germies have ended up dead or internally maimed for life.  And I say, maintaining such a relationship ain’t worth all the gold in the world.

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  1. If a person asks for forgiveness from God and if they change their ways to do only good then they will be forgiven. All of us have sinned and all of us have made bad decisions. Let us pray collectively. Let us pray for peace,love,comfort,nourishment,shelter,healing for people and the entire world and the universe.


    • @Alane Did he actually ask for forgiveness ? Did he actually repent ? Doesn’t the bible say Bishops should be held to a higher standard ?

      Let;s face it, the man is a reprobate and those who follow him revel in his sins.


  2. Excellent commentary and updates. I had forgotten about Ephren. I hope the GA courts give the two of them more punishment than the SEC did.


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