Bishop Eddie Long Subject of New Book Published by Centino Kemp and Subject of Lawsuit Brought by New Birth Parishioners

The cover of Centino Kemp's new nonfiction book, "First Lady,"which purports to detail his relationship with Bishop Eddie Long (Courtesy: Project Q Atlanta)

The cover of Centino Kemp’s new nonfiction book, “First Lady,”which purports to detail his relationship with Bishop Eddie Long (Courtesy: Project Q Atlanta)

Well, looks like Centino Kemp has finally decided to tell all about his relationship with Eddie Long in a new book that’s being sold on and elsewhere.  Yep, it is called  First Lady,  co-written with T. Benson Glover, and it was released February 14, Valentine’s Day.  Despite the haphazard printing job, it ranks at this moment No. 11 on the Rich and Famous Biographies list.  That’s an achievement to be on the top ten twenty of a national book list.

Frankly, the preview reads like an abusive romance novel.  From NewsOne:

Centino Kemp […], the fifth accuser who came forward in the Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal of alleged affairs with teen boys nearly three years ago, will release a tell-all book on Valentine’s Day, according to the Georgia Voice (an LGBT webpage).

In the yet-to-be-released book, “First Lady,” Kemp talks about how he came to the United States at the tender age of 16 to attend a university in Florida.  Confused about his sexuality, he allegedly encountered a man whose larger-than-life persona literally overwhelmed then lured him in to a sexual relationship that lasted a reported six years.

That man, he claims, is Eddie Long.

Kemp admits in the book that Long becomes the father figure in his life he never had but so desperately longed for.  The book then reportedly reveals how Kemp says he came to be known as “the First Lady” and how he dealt with the alleged lust, power, decadent spending, homosexuality, molestation, church politics, and suicide attempts during the time he was Long’s alleged long-time lover.

Kemp is quite proud of his achievement, Tweeting on February 1 that he felt as if he had just given birth to a baby.  No lie.  But I am just wondering how this is going to affect the terms of the agreement that he (as well as the other young men) made with Long not to talk at all about their relationship.  Be that as it may, Centino is not going quietly into the mainstream with this revelatory book, which so far is the only book which talks specifically about what happened to him at the hands of Eddie Long.

Kemp, who is being represented by S. Greene of  Capitol Broadcast Shows Television Network in Washington, D.C., is developing a screenplay based on First Lady.  I could imagine this on BET,  TVOne or even Fox, if this gets off the ground.  Thing is, Centino won’t be able to play the title role, but even soap opera acting would sink Eddie Long even further in the estimation of folks, especially those who aren’t even in church.

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, Eddie Long was being sued again by several of his former New Birth parishioners over his bringing Ephren Taylor to the church to rip them off.  From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Bishop Eddie Long has been sued by former New Birth Missionary Baptist members who say the megachurch pastor encouraged them to invest money with a company despite being told the investor was running a $3 million capital deficit.

The suit, filed late last month in DeKalb County state court, alleges Long’s assistant had been warned by an unidentified caller that Ephren W. Taylor was not to be trusted nearly two weeks before the self-professed “social capitalist” held a series of financial seminars in October 2009 at the Lithonia church.

New Birth, Long and Taylor are all named in the suit filed by 12 former church members who say they lost more than $1 million dollars in the alleged Ponzi scheme.

“If Bishop Eddie Long hadn’t endorsed this they wouldn’t have invested,” plaintiffs attorney Jason Doss said.

According to the lawsuit, Long did not invest himself, but urged his parishioners to invest with Taylor, who he introduced as his “friend (and) brother” prior to his pitch before the church.

My suspicion always has been that the reason why Long never invested in Taylor’s scam was that he probably received his cut before any of his parishioners in introducing Taylor at New Birth.  Taylor himself has never been criminally charged, at least, not yet.  But he faces a lot of Federal heat.

What may have really happened is that Long was warned off that Taylor was not as he claimed to be, but the bishop was undeterred.  He nevertheless brought Taylor to New Birth, but did not pass on the warning when he introduced the man to his parishioners.  Why?  Long could argue that it was not his place to pass along such information to give Taylor a chance to speak; that his flock should have done their own research.  But Long was  coming from a position of absolute power: whoever he brought in or whatever he praised, his congregants would trust him not to lead them astray. From WSB-2 in Atlanta:

During the discovery process, the church handed over an internal memo dated nearly two weeks prior to Taylor’s New Birth seminars.

An unidentified caller told Long’s assistant that he “did not want the church to be taken advantage of.”

He warned of Taylor’s $3 million capital deficit, and that Taylor “will issue promissory notes to the congregation if allowed that gives him legal authorization to do what he wants and there will be no return on investment.”

“To hear that they got a memo that says this guy you’re bringing here is a crook, I think that was ridiculous,” said Wells. “I really think that if you know something, either you should cancel, you shouldn’t bring the person there.”

“That’s just evidence that’s called a smoking gun,” said attorney Jason Doss, who represents the church members.

Doss said Long had a duty to pass along that warning.

It occurs to me that Long may have allowed this to happen to strengthen his hand among his flock and to teach them a lesson or two in finance, but if it was, it was way too expensive an experiment that was sure to backfire among the congregants.

Stay tuned.  The long death of the ministry of Bishop Eddie Long continues.

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