Daddy Hugh Grant Makes Another Baby–A Boy–With Tinglan Hong

Hugh Grant seems to be riffing off Maury Povich when he proudly announces his son's birth today.  The baby was born in December 2012 (Courtesy: Daily Mail)

Hugh Grant seems to be riffing off Maury Povich when he proudly announces his son’s birth today. The baby was born in December 2012 (Courtesy: Daily Mail)

Well, that was quick on the uptake.  My feeling is this, Hugh:  if it wasn’t such a big deal with Ms. Hong, as you claimed it was a short-lived affair, why make another baby with her?  After two babies, I think you’d better marry.  The joys of daddyhood can really make one rethink their lives, like being domestic instead of running the streets.  It’s beginning to get a bit serious when you visit the egg donor twice.

Hugh Grant has become a father for the second time to a son he has named Felix Chang, The Mail on Sunday can exclusively reveal.

Tinglan Hong, the mother of the Notting Hill star’s 16-month-old daughter Tabitha, gave birth on December 29 and registered the new arrival on Valentine’s Day.

According to the birth certificate, Felix Chang was born at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London – where the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to have her child.

It reveals the boy’s full name as Felix Chang Hong Grant. Felix is the Latin word for lucky and Chang in Chinese means long-lasting.

It is understood the actor told his closest friends only in the last week, but swore them to secrecy. His ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley, who is godmother to Tabitha, was among those informed.

Grant decided to make the news public yesterday after being contacted by The [Daily] Mail on Sunday with a congratulatory message.

Minutes later, at 3.19pm, Grant posted a message on his Twitter page saying: ‘In answer to some journos. Am thrilled my daughter now has a brother. Adore them both to an uncool degree. They have a fab mum.’

Grant tweeted again at 6.44pm: ‘And to be crystal clear. I am the Daddy.’

The 52-year-old star of Love Actually and About A Boy is on the certificate as the child’s father under his full name Hugh John Mungo Grant with his occupation listed as ‘actor’.

Grant’s little daughter, Tabitha Xiao Xi Hong Grant, is now 16 months old.  Her Chinese name means “happy surprise.”

Tinglan Hong, 33, who has given birth to a girl and now a boy for actor Hugh Grant; if you think this photo is racy, there are others that are far more racy  (Courtesy:

Chinese actress-model Tinglan Hong, 33, who has given birth to a girl and now a boy for actor Hugh Grant; if you think that this photo is suggestive, there are others that are far more racy (Courtesy:

Grant claimed at the Leveson Inquiry (into the cellphone privacy break-ins by Murdoch tabloids in Britain) that he did not wish to ruin Tinglan Hong’s reputation by suggesting that he jilted her when it was found she was pregnant with Tabitha.  I never thought he was a heel, I thought he was being responsible by stepping up.  Those things have a way of happening.   But hell, by this time, they must have some feelings for each other that they have made a second child together.  Or do they?  Grant is not currently linked romantically to any one woman, but reports allege that he’s still hounding around.

It gets me at times that when the rich start making babies without benefit of clergy—white or of color—nobody says a word.  But if the mother is of color and occupies a lower economic strata, they’re a menace to the state.  Hong occupies a house that Grant gave her to live with his daughter (and also where his infant son will live), but the house may not be in her name.  Hong’s family isn’t poor, but their wealth may not occupy the same stratosphere as Grant’s.

About that lawsuit against the Murdoch papers for electronic snooping: on February 8, Grant received a huge payout from News Corp for hacking where they shouldn’t.

Hugh Grant finally has a reason not to be flustered.

The British actor received a sizable settlement from the publishing branch of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. (NWS +1.31%) Friday to end a lawsuit related to phone hacking by some of Murdoch’s employees.

Lawyers for Grant, best known for his roles in such romantic comedies as Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary, told CNN the actor received “substantial damages” from Murdoch and company as part of 144 such lawsuits settled Friday.

Grant had been a vocal critic of the wiretapping practices that led to the closure of British tabloid News Of The World and criminal charges against editor Andy Coulson, who went on to be a spokesman for U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron. Grant’s payout doesn’t end the saga for Murdoch and his News International publishing company, as seven other cases are going to trial in June and another 20 are still being discussed.

Not that Grant is especially needy for extra cash like other folks, but his stock is definitely rising these days.  Fatherhood must become him.

Like I said, I think by this time Grant oughta put a ring on her.  I mean, he could conceivably be the guy who never visited even a Registry Office in Three Weddings and a Funeral, and had a child with the woman he loved.  But actors are not always like their characters.

Or are they?

Congratulations, Hugh Grant.

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