Shaniya Davis: In Two Hand-Written Letters, Accused Murderer Mario McNeill Proclaims His Innocence


This guy stretches credibility beyond the breaking point.  Remember that piece of security loop from the hotel that showed him carrying the little girl up to a room?  Who was that?  His evil twin?  Doesn’t he know that the video excerpt exists?  He should really shut up.

From the Fayetteville Observer:

McNeill, 32, is scheduled to stand trial April 8 in Cumberland County Superior Court. He faces the death penalty if convicted of the November 2009 killing.

He claims innocence in two letters postmarked Feb. 15 and addressed from the Cumberland County Detention Center. The Observer received the letters Wednesday.

In one, McNeill writes: “I did not take or kidnap Shaniya Davis. I did not purchase, buy, trade, sell or exchange Shaniya Davis. I did not molest, sexually assault, rape or ravish Shaniya Davis. I did not kill, murder, or take Shaniya Davis’s life, nor did I have any prior or beforehand knowledge as to what was to and/or did occur.”

In the second letter, he disputes two recent charges of sexual exploitation, which he says are related to images found on his cellphone.

McNeill’s lawyers could not be reached for comment about his statements.

Then he claims that the images found on his cellphone were of a young woman (whose name was redacted from the letters that were scanned and placed for public viewing by the newspaper).  That is, he claims the woman was 20 when he took the photos, but she always appeared to be several years younger.

So he has a yen for child-resembling young women who are of legal age?  Still looks weird, and it’s a little late for that argument.  I still think the photos are of Shaniya Davis.

Want to see the letters?  Letter No. 1 is here.  Letter No. 2 is here, which contains his denial.

I’ve read a little on Mario McNeill.  As a boy, he was considered to be bright and attentive in school, and he made good grades.  Then in junior high or middle school, he began to go bad.  I’m not even going to retail his rap sheet, which already includes assaults on women and attempted murder, as well as drug convictions.  However, I would sure like to know what those moments were that changed his mind about being  a regular law-abiding citizen. This dude is still in denial about what he has done, but when he’s sentenced to suffer death, don’t even think that he’ll finally wake up.  He’s hard; in his mind, he’s done no wrong.

Poor Shaniya.   She deserves justice.

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