Some Monday Love: “Thinking About Your Body (For Debs)” Bobby McFerrin, 1986

Like I said on my Facebook page, this song gives me ideas.  Someone in a good Monday mood shared it with her followers, and let me tell you that song would make anyone shout with joy, even surrounded by cold and snow.

Bobby McFerrin's album, "Spontaneous Inventions"; he's always good live (Courtesy: Sad Dot Net)

Bobby McFerrin’s album, “Spontaneous Inventions”; he’s always good live (Courtesy: Sad Dot Net)

This song comes from McFerrin‘s live album, Spontaneous Inventions  on the Blue Note label, and it is dedicated to his wife Debbie. The video came from a compilation of his live shows one year that was later marketed under the same name.  As I recall, it also appeared on KQED, the Bay Area‘s PBS channel on a pledge night.  The lyrics are simply these:

Oh baby I’m thinkin’ about your body
Oh baby I’m thinkin’ about your face
Oh baby I’m thinkin’ about your body
Thinkin’ about your face

Sometimes I’d like to think that McFerrin substituted, Dreamin’ about your face for the last line, but whatever. It’s definitely ranking with his catchiest pieces. And it sure made me think and dream about one particular guy.

So as we are saying goodbye to another day, and as we all inch farther towards the first day of spring, let’s think about love of self, love of lover and love of being alive to love.

And besides, today is Bobby’s birthday.  He’s 63, and is a Pisces baby.

~ by blksista on March 11, 2013.

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