Those Cartoons from Facebook, March 25, 2013

This is the continuing saga of sharing cartoons here that I see and share with others on Facebook.


Some of these are so flipping hilarious, and again, they come straight from misconceptions and misinformation fed to a certain segment of the populace about other individuals and groups.  Like, for instance, this cartoon about those so-called limousine liberals—teachers.  Hey, don’t hold back.  Laugh your ass off.


Yep, this one is nothing to laugh about.  This cartoon recalls Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia‘s recent grousing about voting rights being some kind of “racial entitlement.”  Um, yeah.  Coming just after an election where even elderly blacks stayed in line for nigh on 8-12 hours in order to vote for whoever they wanted from president on down to school board trustees, many Americans were not inclined even to let this despicable pronouncement from the high bench slide.  Everyone has the right to vote in this country, as long as they are of age, are legal citizens, and are residents in their communities.

And besides, it’s a rule on bus services these days that the elderly and the disabled have first dibs on the front seats of any conveyance.  Something that even clueless and selfish young people deign to ignore these days.

Scalia must be missing those days when only white men could vote in this country.  He doesn’t even know his own history.  Doesn’t he realize that it took years before Italian immigrants and Italian Americans were even accepted in this country as white, much like the Irish.  Their relative, early civil disenfranchisement was one of the reasons why the Mafia gained a toehold in this country.  Then, as if to echo Scalia, not a week later, the president at Emory University wrote an essay celebrating the 3/5ths compromise, when blacks as slaves were counted as three-fifths of a white man, at a time when deep cuts to ethnic studies courses and to other minority programs were being considered.

With judicial activists like Antonin Scalia, who needs enemies, right?


I don’t know what’s worse, a couple of idiots old guys with their pants pulled all the way up to their chests, or young brothers and their equally youthful white imitators showing their boxers, briefs or worse, part of their asses (or butt cracks) with the sagging, baggy pants.  Man, the latter style of prison/street garb has been holding up, so to speak, for more than 20 years.  I didn’t think it was going to last that long, but it has.  If I have to be subjected to this kind of thing, I’d much rather these kids wear some rather colorful boxers than going commando or going Marky Mark.  And they haven’t tripped and fallen in those droopy pants in droves, either.  I have to give them daps for that.

For their much older critics, I can safely say that high water pants have a tendency to kill admiration even in the most elderly maid or dowager.  They can become a target of levity, too.


Above, someone over at Ph.D Comics decided to make a graph about the way in which some people, most notably on the right-wing, creationist side, have a tendency to misrepresent scientific findings.  They play “run tell that” with any cockamamie story they can think of concocting to reassure readers that they are living in the Last Days with that Satan in the White House.


Scientists, believe it or not, take a lot of time to prove their theories or research.  But then they run into the filter of RightBlogistan or Faux Noise (Fox News, above) or even CNN all the time, which nitpicks or blows up conclusions way out of proportion to keep the audience’s attention.  Suddenly, in these parlous times,  it gets harder for researchers to get that funding for the next go-round of their work because they’ve unwittingly scared everyone else with what they’ve found.


This sweet little cartoon is for those of you who love books like I do, and I do mean good books.


And last, but not least, this is for all of us who have to do that laundry—like doing that cooking—but don’t want get down and do the hard part.  And you know what it is.  It’s the equivalent of washing the dishes.  And traditionally, Mondays are wash days, not Saturdays.


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