People, I really do think that this is an important post, and if you haven’t read anything like this before, I suggest that you keep it in mind and check your own behavior towards your kids. Stop the violence in the house and just maybe, the violence will stop in the streets.

Joshua Lawrence Lazard

Over the past two days, two videos featuring black parents videotaping their forms of discipline have made their way onto my Facebook timeline.  Please watch both of them in their entirety, I have some challenges with what’s being displayed.

First, I’d like to discuss the young ladies and their father beating them.  Yes, beating them.  Let me the first to say, I hope he gets arrested on a domestic violence or child abuse charge for the way he went “slave master” on the two girls, presumably his daughters.  Aside from the anguished screams, what really bothered me was just the concept that violence results in corrective behavior that is relatively prevalent in many segments of the black community.  Not to mention the pretty lively chorus of re-posts on Facebook that supported the father’s response of beating the girls with some type of cord.

I’ve brought up my issues with corporal…

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