Bill Maher on Last Night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Thanks to Raw Story.  There are times when even I think Maher goes too far, but at least he makes me think.  Guest Maher held forth on the pope, Catholicism, gay marriage and Big Gulps.  Not necessarily in that order.  Take a look.

Kimmel used to have Maher over after he was in the wilderness when ABC ousted him from the old Politically Incorrect show.

Seems like Maher wants to take over the late Christopher Hitchens‘ perch as atheist-at-large.  Really, though, he has his own perch.

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2 Responses to “Bill Maher on Last Night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live””

  1. I never cared for Bill. He always comes off as a loud mouth pompous know it all. Not to mention I’ve never found him that funny. And he’s wrong,I believe there is a gay agenda. The mainstream media wants to normalize homosexuality as best they can. Bill is just playing dumb. He knows what’s going on. He’s a Hollywood insider so he knows the deal. These Hollywood types are all the same.


    • We have a difference of opinion. There are times when I cannot stand him, but the majority of the time he helps me to think. Let me repeat that: he helps me to think; he doesn’t tell me what to think. The only “gay agenda” that I can imagine is their having human and civil rights like everyone else. I’m sure that there are white gays who don’t give a damn about blacks or other people of color; I’m not even concerned about them. I am more concerned with the rights of black gays and gays of color…who are as normal as I am.

      And before you start telling me what normal is, I reject all standards of what normality is. It is a subjective measurement. Bill Maher “knows what’s going on”? Really? Humph.


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