Magic Johnson’s TMZ Interview About His Gay Son

Frankly, not all of the videos—three in all—were released for us bloggers who are stuck without Vodpod and relying on You Tube to give us news and gossip updates.  They were trickling out.  So here are they are in their entirety.

I praise Magic and Cookie as parents and human beings for getting this all out in the open first before the bottom feeders really started to converge on E.J. and their family and started a media feeding frenzy.  I really don’t care if it was orchestrated; this revelation was to protect their son and their family foremost.  It really is none of anyone’s business, but you know how folks are.  They will talk about failure, silence, and retribution and all other negative nyah-nyah-nyah gay hate in an atmosphere of holier than thou and out-and-out judging, rather than reading up and discussing facts, while evincing continuing love, compassion and support, real parenthood, and above all, honesty.

And why not declaw the paper scratchers by giving an interview to Harvey Levin and the outfit: the ones who were the first to report on the deaths of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and the fall of Tiger Woods.  This is really how you play the paparazzi by giving them nothing that will confirm the worst about human beings for their readers.  And on their side, I’m sure Levin and was grateful for the respect they were given as well as the scoop for all the dirt that they uncover.

TMZ is certainly having a great week.  If only our “mainscream” corporate news sources would take a cue and return to being the Fourth Estate, exposing all erring, corrupt and hypocritical politicians and office holders…Washington would be emptied out in a week, and the real servants of the people could take heart.

As I said before, this is really great timing, especially regarding the upcoming Proposition 8 decision in the Supreme Court.  In these videos, Magic talks about athletes in the closet, and for fabulous E.J. becoming a kind of role model for youth and athletes who are in the closet.  And Magic also touches on homophobia in the black community, and urges young athletes in the NBA or pro sports to approach him about coming out to their families, the community and to the public.

More later, folks.  Magic Johnson, for any faults he may have, is a man.  He is a man.

~ by blksista on April 4, 2013.

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