Shaniya Davis: The Girl’s Aunt Brenda Dated Mario McNeill Three Months Before The Murder

Now, this is interesting, only because it shows what Mario McNeill’s attorneys are up to.  I think that it was mentioned before during the first few days of Shaniya’s disappearance and murder  that there was a family connection to McNeill, that either Antoinette Davis herself or her sister Brenda Davis had slept with him.   After their break-up, Brenda, now 23, became pregnant by the brother of the then-girlfriend of Mario McNeill, April Autry.   Now it’s coming up again, and it brings up a hitherto undiscussed (at least publicly) aspect of the case.  What if it had been Brenda Davis who pimped and sold off her niece to Mario McNeill?  We’ll soon find out; the ABC affiliate in Fayetteville tells the story.

Through court documents, ABC11 learned that McNeill may have known Shaniya’s family long before her murder. Defense attorneys have requested a physical examination of the child’s now 23-year-old aunt, who admits to dating McNeill for three months, prior to Shaniya’s murder. The state claims pornographic images of a minor were found on McNeill’s cell phone. McNeill says the photos are of Shaniya’s aunt. He denies the woman was a child at the time the pictures were taken. Shaniya’s aunt denies that the photos are of her. Because of the pornography, McNeill faces second and third-degree child sexual exploitation charges, on top of numerous others related to Shaniya’s kidnapping, rape, and murder.

“Physical examination” confused me a little at first, but then I thought that they did not mean a doctor’s examination, but that Brenda appear herself in person and submit to being deposed, and not “appear” through answering a questionnaire regarding this aspect of the case. The local media highlighting this piece of news only means that the defense attorneys are going to try everything they can to get McNeill off, to make it appear that other people were more culpable than he was in the death of the little girl, which is  a fallacy that he will quickly find that he cannot use to weasel his way out of jail.  That tape of him carrying Shaniya to her death (there are probably other tapes that show him leaving the motel as well) is more damning than he thinks.  It also throws reasonable doubt out of the window, as in the case of the recent  murder of Antonio Santiago, where the aunt, elder sister and mother of one suspect were found to have thrown the alleged murder weapon in a pond .

Plus those court documents, described as a fairly tall stack of motions by ABC-11, are meant to stall the inevitable, that is, choosing a jury so that the trial can commence, resulting in a verdict.  The judge will have to rule whether they are material to the case or not.

Stay tuned.

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