I Think LL Cool J Stepped In It Again on The Tonight Show Thursday Night

There are times that when people step in mess of their own making, it’s best for the people not to say anything more to either elaborate further or justify what happened.  Or else save it for another day after much reflection.  In other words, shut the hell up.  Or a reasonable facsimile of the expression.

But some people will insist on foolishness.  Like LL Cool J on Jay Leno‘s show last night, justifying his appearance with Brad Paisley on the song, “Accidental Racist.”

There were some things he said that I did not like.  I thought that he had lost his mind.  Was LL saying that Trayvon Martin should have realized that what he was wearing that awful rainy night could be construed as provocative or a threat when 3/4ths of the country’s youth dresses in this manner or in variations thereof?  I mean, look at LL himself on the catbird seat next to Jay.  I mean, really. In the dark, Zimmerman could have shot at him too for wearing a doo-rag.  What is up with the guy?

And what “baggage” was he talking about?  I don’t even want to suggest what he was thinking.  There are enough suitcases and trunks to go around, in my humble opinion, to more than just black folks.  To me, folks, the LL-Brad duet was not a kumbaya moment in American music.  I’ve seen far better.  It was a disaster.  I am astounded by the ignorance.   I think LL deserves the side-eye for a while for his presumption.  All that NCIS money he’s made has clearly gone to his head, but frankly, he’s never been politically astute.  He calls himself an independent, which to me is always sideways for republican (see his support of former New York governor Pataki for a third term some years back, which garnered not a few groans when I was there).  This lady does not love LL Cool J today.

What do you think?  Don’t be shy.

~ by blksista on April 12, 2013.

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