Mario McNeill Sentenced to Death for the Murder of Shaniya Davis

This was the scene in the courtroom when Mario McNeill was sentenced to death for the murder of Shaniya Davis in 2009 (Courtesy: FayObserver)

This was the scene in the courtroom when Mario McNeill was sentenced to death for the murder of Shaniya Davis in 2009 (Courtesy: FayObserver)

Boy, that was quick.  Deliberation for the death sentence took all of about 35 minutes.  The decision happened very early in the afternoon.  But what McNeill did in refusing a defense and making paper cranes at his defense table was like flicking boogers at the jury.  He no longer gave a damn about dignifying his own life.

This is from The Fayetteville Observer:

Jurors deliberated a little more than a half-hour before reaching a decision.

“I can never get Shaniya back. You’ve taken that from me,” said Bradley Lockhart, Shaniya’s father. “You were the last thing my daughter got to look at.”

[Judge Jim]Ammons addressed McNeill before McNeill was escorted from the courtroom.

“You did not have to kill that child,” Ammons said.

“Take him out of here now,” Ammons told the bailiffs.

Ammons later apologized to Shaniya’s family for not being able to bring them justice. He said the trial was the best that could be done.

Bradley Lockhart got his own in after the sentencing:

McNeill, who is the first person to be sentenced to death in Cumberland County in six years, declined to make a statement in court.

Shaniya’s father, Bradley Lockhart, berated McNeill after the sentence was announced, saying he treated the entire trial as a joke.

“The media glorifies you as you walk in with smirks and smiles,” Lockhart said. “I’m not going to worship you. I’m going to pray for you.”

The media is glorifying McNeill?  Hardly.  I think the opposite is true.  Lockhart is being glorified as the perfect father.  Right.  He should pray for himself, really.  Because he has the death of that little girl on his conscience forever.  The histrionics and the posturing on his part should end now.  The Universe does not suffer lies, even from parents of murdered children, to prosper.  I still say that Lockhart’s exemption from prosecution was a deliberate mistake, made to order so that the authorities could prosecute the blacks—and only the blacks—involved in this case. That is not to say that they were innocent or blameless.  Hell, no.   Simply, they were easy targets.   The white father of a biracial child?  Probably not as simple to certain sensibilities.  Bradley Lockhart was not innocent by a long shot; he was an instigator of the disastrous events that led to that child’s rape and murder.

I note that Lockhart’s sister, who cared for Shaniya, may not have been present for the trial.  Too bad any testimony coming from her about the true nature of Shaniya’s relationship with her father and her mother will never see the light of day.

First and foremost, however, Shaniya Davis will never come back because of this sick creature, Mario McNeill.  His defense waited until the day of the trial to show that McNeill was unhinged, but it’s rather late in the day to try to cop an insanity plea.  His defense was patently weak because McNeill brought in no other evidence, including identification of the person or persons to whom he supposedly handed Shaniya off.  And like I said before, he must have been deluded that he could beat a murder rap.  You have to be a bit off in order to murder someone, especially a child, I’m certain.   But I am also certain that Mario McNeill knew exactly what he was doing when he raped and murdered that little girl.   I am convinced that he murdered little Shaniya to shut her up about the crime he perpetrated on her.

No doubt that the trial of Shaniya’s mother, Antoinette Davis, will be vastly different.    I’d sure like to see her take the stand and explain herself.

I am so sorry that you are gone, Shaniya, at the hands of these people who didn’t deserve you.  Come back to us again in better circumstances, dear child.

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5 Responses to “Mario McNeill Sentenced to Death for the Murder of Shaniya Davis”

  1. Stop making this about white man versus black man. This whole site is sick and seems bitter! Why mention the father who would not be interested in worrying about you or your black site! Tons of black children go missing are you worrying about them. Frankly your site seems tacky, angry and bitter! Who are you really that is behind this site? I find the fact you focus so much on the black defendents vs the father and his caring of his biracial children obsessive! There are so many full bloodied black children that go neglected to be even mentioned why not focus on the ones who have no mention? Do you really think anything you mention on this site goes respected or noted? Let me answer that for you! NO. Are you really who you say you are and what is your purpose i see you have a donation account! This site seems ghetto and vile.


    • On the contrary, I am making this about Bradley Lockhart’s parenting skills, which are nil and nonexistent, just like those of Shaniya’s mother and immediate relatives, who allegedly burned her skin with cigarettes. I said that he dumped his daughter with her mother who was KNOWN to have been neglectful in the past, and there is evidence that she was, which is why the DSS got involved in the first place. Since you obviously don’t get it, I suggest that you don’t come back here again.


  2. I do not get how the father got away with being involved. He is saved because of his skin?


    • I think that he did get away with it. He was the single individual who decided to send Shaniya to her mother without checking to see whether the environment was safe for his daughter. There were previous events that she showed that every time she was sent to her mother, the little girl was harmed and abused. Plus, this is the South we are dealing with here. I think that these authorities excused Bradley Lockhart from culpability. I think that not only race was involved, but also resources. If they widened the case, that would mean even more people would have to be interviewed, and more evidence would have to be retrieved. I suggest that you read more of my articles about this case from four years back. Lockhart has a tendency to abandon his children and skip out on responsibility. If a black brother had done that with his kids, that would be considered par for the course. Try this article: as well as this one:


      • Indeed, caste system justice. And to see that the white father did not want to care for his child. Why then have a child (with a Black woman)? If the crime is horrible enough to kill a Black man, then why is the white man roaming around free? The case smells bad enough to award it some more attention. I have read some of your updates before, but I did not understand. Black man refusing defense, thus volunteering for death? That sounds like someone who lost his mind a long time ago. Why leave a child with him?! This case shows sickness on all level. Physical, social, legal… on and on.
        I will read up on your early articles and do some more digging, before concluding in judgment.
        You did a great job informing the public. Who wants to know, can know.


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