That Cheerios Cereal Biracial Family Commercial, “Just Checking”

This  first appeared on my Facebook feed today.  Apparently the bigots have their knives out for a commercial that shows the truth of most bi- or even tri-racial couples and families.   Over 268,000 people have seen this commercial on You Tube, but whether they are well-wishers is anyone’s guess.  It’s called “Just Checking,” and it’s rather cute.

Ashley Burns over at Uproxx had a few things to say about the genesis of all this foofraw:

On Tuesday, the ad team at Cheerios posted a new commercial entitled, “Just Checking” to YouTube that featured an adorable little girl asking her mother if it’s true that Cheerios are good for your heart. The mother reads to her from the box that Cheerios are indeed “Heart Healthy” and the little girl is happy because she just poured a box of the cereal all over her dad’s chest as he was napping on the couch. It’s a sweet Cheerios commercial that gets a point across while perhaps making people smile. So naturally, it inspired YouTube trolls to spew racial hate.

You see, in this commercial, the mother is white and the father is black, and that didn’t sit too well with the legions of anonymous bottom-feeders that believe that posting hateful messages on YouTube qualifies as a life. Fortunately, Cheerios disabled the comments on the video, so I couldn’t even see some of the worst comments. But Ad Week described it as such:

And then you have the YouTube comments section, which predictably has devolved into an endless flame war, with references to Nazis, “troglodytes” and “racial genocide.”

Ad Week also points out that the video made the front page of Reddit, and Business Insider reported that “it received a plethora of racists remarks” there as well. I read some of the 900+ comments on that thread, and while I saw plenty of tongue-in-cheek racist jokes – “should be for multi-grain Cheerios” – and something about Stone Cold Steve Austin and a dolphin that made me chuckle, I thought most people involved in that thread were more concerned with the corporate infiltration of the Valhalla known as Reddit’s front page.

Whatever.  You should see the insipid comments people are making on Gawker.  One so-called expert on black and white relations said that black women were really to blame for most of the negative comments on You Tube, based on her experience getting flack from sistas who didn’t appreciate that she was sleeping with a brotha.  Please.  Unfortunately, I think that the point was made several days ago in Virginia, when a white dad bringing his three biracial daughters to WalMart was targeted by security because he didn’t fit the script.  They thought he was their molester, and not their dad.

Check the kinds of brain cells that would make that kind of assessment.  Another reason not to patronize the joint.   That is, black folks are with black folks only, white folks with white folks only, Latinos with each other, Asians with each other (and white people) and never the twain shall meet.  Never in between.   Or that decent white guys will never marry and procreate children with decent black women.  Or that black guys always desert their kids.  That these couples and families don’t know how to live.

Let me state this quite frankly.  The upshot is that American whites are fast becoming a minority in their country.  The magic year is now 2043.  In 2020, children of color will constitute the majority of school age children.   Among some whites—the Fox News/Glenn Beck/Hannity/Limbaugh types—the idea that someone female or male is being disloyal to the racial hierarchy is like a Molotov cocktail being lit and exploded in their midst.  In other words, fewer whites or light-skinned people to insist on white supremacy.  They of the settler-circle-the-wagons mentality see themselves as subsumed, buried and without rights when frankly, the opposite will be the case.  But some people will insist on foolishness.

While interracing is frowned upon in  segments of the country, it is by no means the taboo it was 50 years ago.  Many black-white relationships are not O.J. and Nicole, or Jefferson and Sally Hemings.  They are in between and off the police and social services radar.  The idiots on You Tube can’t imagine such a scenario, because that would mean that interracial relationships are human and normal, so they lay on the filth.

Yeah, part of this is also hatred towards our current president.  His mom had the nerve to insist on someone different, like a Kenyan and an Indonesian for her husbands.  Yet he was raised by his mom and his grandparents, and he seems to have come out pretty much okay.  He identifies as black culturally because it is obvious from his color and hair texture that he is of African descent.  And because idiots like the ones I describe above practice looksism as well as racism.  People should get hip; interracial couples, families, and children are not going to disappear any time soon.

Our little girl obviously loves her mommy and daddy, particularly her daddy.   When he’s napping on the sofa instead exercising and eating healthy food, this worries her.  If I were her age, I’d feel the same way about my daddy.  It makes me think of the answer the little Jane Eyre gave to Mr. Brocklehurst when he asked her what should she do to avoid hell:  “I must keep in good health and not die.”  Our little girl doesn’t want her daddy to die.  Dying only means for her that she won’t ever see her daddy again.  Well, we all have to die sometime, but good health keeps us going, fulfilled, and making our dreams and goals come true, even something as small as extending life.  That’s the point of the commercial.

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