This Sista Has No Life After “The Red Wedding”

This response to Sunday’s climatic “Red Wedding” episode on the HBO series, Game of Thrones is hilarious.  In fact, I am still laughing until the tears are coming at this writing.  It comes from World Star HipHop online.

Some people may be shocked to discover that hell, yes:  black people do fantasy, and we do follow and watch Game of Thrones.   Thing is, I haven’t read the books, but I have an idea about the story line.

Sh*t has gotten serious with this episode, “The Rains of Castamere,” and it is less about the books and more about the adapters of the books.  And that’s the end of hilarity.

My response to The Red Wedding?  There is a limit.  The coldly calculated and brutally graphic murder of nearly all of the major adult representatives of House Stark by House Frey, with an assist from the Lannisters, is nothing compared to the bloody and unnecessary  skewering of  the pregnant Jeyne Westerling/Talisa Maegyr, a deed that  has made Game of Thrones the talk of the country.   As I said before, there is a limit.  I certainly don’t want to see this in my face from now on when I watch any other HBO-made series or flicks.  That’s not anything that you forget easily: the murder of a mother and a baby in utero.  To me, that’s real hatred for life.

It’s almost as if the creators took a page from Quentin Tarantino or Sam Peckinpah and just let it ride.  In A Song of Ice and Fire, Jeyne/Talisa does not die, and she is not even present at the massacre.  But hey, who am I?  Sensationalism rules this day, and it pays.   Unfortunately,  the reaction was not necessarily positive.   One of my high school friends on the East Coast, which gets every broadcast  first, wrote immediately after on her Facebook page, Remind me not to have my wedding in Westeros.  A couple of black female friends in a private FB group also voiced their revulsion.  The Twitterverse lit up, and even several celebrities and stars wrote in profound dismay about the murder.  Several stories I read the following Monday had viewers swearing off the HBO series.

I am going to watch the final episode on Sunday with some trepidation.  I like the series, and of course, I also have a certain sympathy for Tyrion Lannister, who has to live with the coldest and most merciless bunch of lizards posing as relatives.  Keeping track of all these people, though, can be a bit of a stretch.  I love some of the women; they are admirable, strong even when they seem weak or mere chess pawns.  Sex is used as a weapon in war, diplomacy and strategic marriage; love, real love, is nearly absent, and it seems that every man is using whores, or is like Tywin Lannister, who is sexless.  Power is Tywin’s woman, having lost his wife in childbirth.   Of course, he wields it (to the growing anger and jealousy of that incest grand-spawn Joffrey).  That’s why I was rooting for House Stark.   And the series can be seen, as Amanda Marcotte thinks, as a critique of the patriarchy.

I like a good sex scene like anyone, and I don’t mind violence when it is called for.   But call me out of it and old-fashioned: I think that this shocking display inures us to violence, instead of doing something to prevent its proliferation and its acceptance across the nation as the only option, whether in war or with and among our neighbors. I know, I know, but I think that it does.   Sorry, but don’t ask whether I have seen The Hunger Games, Kill Bill,  Natural Born Killers, Inglourious Basterds or any other extremely violent film.  Because I haven’t seen them.  I’ve seen a few violent films and original series in my time, but none like this. I’ve known my limit ever since viewing The Devils in college.  And frankly, there are some things that should not be filmed even to improve ratings.   (In fact, Game of Thrones‘s ratings did not move an inch up or down because of The Red Wedding, although some people think that the Memorial Day holiday had something to do with it.)  Otherwise, it can become like a snuff film.

That’s why I like British series and films based on books.  They stick with them almost to the letter.  Perhaps the guys running Game of Thrones oughta buy a clue, and back off the cliff before we all go over with them.  I doubt that they will, though.

~ by blksista on June 6, 2013.

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