LIVE STREAMING: Last Pre-Trial Hearing Before The George Zimmerman Trial Begins Monday in Florida (w/Update)

UPDATE (06/07/13, 4:35 p.m.):  Some significant video was also introduced during the hearing, and it was the voice of Trayvon Martin that he recorded on his cell phone shortly before he was killed.

I note that the mainstream media is preparing for another big event ; almost all of the major networks will be covering the trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.  I’ll be providing a live stream link of the proceedings starting early on Monday morning.  This particular feed is directly from a local Florida TV station, WFTV Channel 9 in Central Florida, which serves Orlando, Daytona Beach and other environs.  During off trial hours, it will present news from that Florida region.  It may not show playback from the morning’s trial proceedings.

No doubt, this trial may take on an international audience.

Currently, the judge is deciding whether to allow the testimony of  experts who may ascertain once and for all who is yelling for help in the background of that 911 tape.  Many believe that the agitated voice is that of Trayvon, the dead teenager; while many others believe that it is Zimmerman yelling for help with Martin on top of him.  This is also the audio where there is the single shot fired by Zimmerman is heard.  If the experts find that it is the boy’s voice, it will look even worse for the defendant.

I also note that an African American woman intern has been working for the Zimmerman defense for eight months.

Check out how it turns out.


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