LIVE STREAMING II: The George Zimmerman Trial for the Murder of Trayvon Martin

(UPDATE (6/17/13, 8:41 p.m.): What is surprising today? De La Rionda lost his temper with a potential juror, H27, who admitted that he gave $20 to Zimmerman’s defense fund; felt sorry for Zimmerman; thought that there was too much crime going on in Central Florida; believed that 17-year-olds think they are “bullet-proof and 10 feet tall”; and said that his sister was a Nevada police officer. De La Rionda got after him for thinking that he could be impartial…and he sure ain’t.  Of course, Zimmerman watched H27 as if he was his main man. Thing is, the courtroom is nearly empty at times.  Many observers are fearful that there may be “stealth jurors” who may sway the proceedings for as well as against Zimmerman, since so many potential jurors in the area have made up their minds on either slanted or incomplete facts.)

Trayvon Martin as a white youth; George Zimmerman as a black man; I think there would have been no doubt of a trial had Zimmerman been black (Courtesy: Justice for Trayvon Martin on Facebook)

Trayvon Martin as a white youth; George Zimmerman as a black man; I think there would have been no doubt of a trial and a swift conviction had Zimmerman been black (Courtesy: Justice for Trayvon Martin on Facebook)

Think about it.  This is a Photoshopped photo to be sure, but if the colors were reversed, George Zimmerman would be spending the rest of his life without the possibility of parole.  Or facing execution via a lethal injection.

The stream still works at the original post as well, but it is farther down.  And it is Week 2 of jury selection.

Meanwhile, during the weekend, Zimmerman’s father Robert released a $3.99 e-book race-baiting screed on blaming the usual suspects—the NAACP, Reverend Al Sharpton, President Obama, Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Black Chamber of Commerce, and others—for his son’s apprehension and trial.  To him, they are the racists in this sad episode because they advocated the arrest of his hapless son for murder.

Before people start flinging “reverse racism” around, understand first and foremost that George Zimmerman was not supposed to be armed, and that he disobeyed police instructions not to follow Trayvon Martin.  He was not a security guard who was bonded and cleared for  the gated community, and most neighborhood watch people are unarmed and belong to bona fide organizations.  For these, and for previous encounters with the law, Zimmerman should have been nabbed that same night.  Moreover, George Zimmerman is a recovering alcoholic who assaulted a cop and resisted arrest and allegedly assaulted a former fiancée.  He was on Restoril, a powerful prescription drug used to treat anxiety and insomnia that sad night last February.  Restoril is a drug that is known to promote hallucinations and aggression in patients, and could have impaired his judgment.

Zimmerman is alleged to have provoked fights while in grade school.   A family member also has alleged that she was sexually abused by him from the age of 6 until she was sixteen years old.  Most importantly, beyond reporting the rape on the witness stand, she said that he was capable of being a totally different person in other environments than he was when he was abusing her, so his air of aggrieved innocence/trapped like a rat is in keeping with that kind of behavior. Variously, he has been described as wanting to be a cop, a judge, and a Catholic priest, all positions of authority and power (and of immediate respect) for which he has few inner resources and positive attributes.

Trayvon Martin, stoner or not, had never dealt with law enforcement, despite running afoul at school and getting suspended three times, once for tardiness, and twice for spray-painting graffiti.  The most recent, third suspension got him a serious talk and stay with his father, which is why he was in Sanford in the first place.  So both parents were hands-on disciplinarians.  Coming from Trayvon, this is not violent behavior.  And a dope smoker is not violent, unless s/he laces the weed with something else.  A truly at-risk child would have done much, much more than posturing on Facebook:  running away, turning truant, being kept back a grade, aggressively provoking fights, and getting on the radar of social services and juvenile authorities.  Trayvon’s parents were divorced, but they were solidly middle-class blacks trying to provide the best for him.  Sure, Trayvon was probably interested in fighting, in a Fight Club kind of way, but he’d never been hauled in to the principal’s office for this behavior.  None of what I have described appears to have occurred on a regular basis with Trayvon Martin, that he was a troublemaker each and every day and every week.  To suggest that Martin was about to become jail fodder and a thug is reaching, big time.

To me, he seems like a normal teenager trying to find out what manhood is and what his limits were.  Spraying graffiti and possessing dope paraphrenalia was wrong, but what child—black, white, and even Asian—hasn’t done something like this?   (My limit?  Trayvon owning a gun and carrying it in his backpack to use on other students and on other citizens.  However, there is no evidence of that ownership and of that behavior.)  On his last night of life, I have no doubt that Trayvon was trying to get home in the pouring rain and was trying to defend himself against an aggressive stranger who was pursuing him seemingly for no reason at all.  He had every right to be there, since he was a guest, and every right not to identify himself to a stranger who did not tell him that he was a neighborhood watch person and frankly, was going for his throat.  And from what his father says, Trayvon was interested in aeronautics, and was interested in becoming a pilot, a profession that certainly involves challenging and stretching his limits and furthermore, taking responsibility not only for his life, but for the lives of others, and earning respect rather than assuming it automatically.

Second, using Wikipedia, racism is described as “views, practices and actions reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior, or superior”   To that description, I would add that social, economic and civil institutions would support that “superior” race in whatever it does.  Blacks aren’t viewed as a superior race in this country; plus, they do not control or dominate any of these institutions despite what anyone says.  Just because Dick Parsons was once chairman of Citigroup and formerly, CEO of Time-Warner does not mean that blacks control the media or the economy.  President Obama may be the first black president and the head of our government, but I have yet to see him pursuing an unabashedly pro-black agenda in his administration.  The grandiosity and the skewed logic supporting these claims of reverse racism ought to be seen just as they are.

Robert Zimmerman, as well as his other son, Robert Jr., is a white man who holds views that blacks, especially activist blacks and high-profile blacks like the president, are to blame for the state of affairs in this country because they excuse themselves from “responsibility.”  Else, why would he appear on Fox News, a news entity that has long attacked blacks and particularly, black men?  If you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk as well, so I do not countenance his or his family’s previous actions on behalf of certain blacks.  Making a great or small show of equanimity is not proof that you aren’t racist.  Blacks as a whole will figure whether you are on the real by what you do informed by your ethos.  And whatever you do in secret will eventually come to the light.  Robert Zimmerman wants to say and do anything to exonerate his own without taking into consideration the facts: that even as a self-appointed neighborhood watch person, George was not supposed to be armed, and that he was not supposed to follow that boy.

That was the job of the Sanford cops.  George wanted “the collar”, as they say in law enforcement, and I think that’s the real reason why he followed Trayvon Martin, and the reason why the cops protected him initially.  George Zimmerman is no cop, but one of those cop wannabes who wanted to create a situation where he comes out on top and a hero.  The kind of cop wannabe that would report on so many “suspicious-looking” black visitors to the housing complex that the 911 operator knew his name.

George Zimmerman never will be a cop even if he is cleared of all charges by the jury, much less a judge like his father, dispensing justice and fair-play and following the rules.  He’s incapable of prudence, of listening and  following instructions, and he is trigger-happy.   Indeed, he may have to leave the country and migrate to his mother’s home country of Peru, because if he is found not guilty, his pitiful life won’t be worth a dollar out of jail either. This is not an incitement to murder, but a recognition that his paranoia, his self-contempt and his guilt may get the better of him rather than a living assailant.  George Zimmerman is a disturbed individual who deserves  jail time for his responsibility for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

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  1. Oh god. that Zimmerman is just a mixed ugly cholo and cannot be considered white. That is the problem: They are calling him a white latino??? That fed (and still feeds) his ego and made him feel that he had the power or right to kill poor Trayvon. For us southamericans, Zimmerman is one of those cholos who has the “luck” to have that fancy lastname and live in America, that is why he is considered white, if he had been a Gonzales or a Rodriguez, he would have been called a latino.


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