Friday Night Music, June 28, 2013: Joni Mitchell at The Luminato Festival

Joni Mitchell sang three of her songs at the Luminato Festival in Toronto barely a week ago.   She was up for it and she was wonderful.  It was a tribute concert to commemorate her talent and to celebrate her 70th year of life.  Unfortunately, this is all I have been able to find from Canada and from You Tube.   True, the recordings are not necessarily perfect.  But it’s to prove that she did sing.  I have no doubt that the entire program will appear sometime later as a special show or on DVD.   I’m just going to let the music speak for itself.

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  1. Got Damn Joni Mitchell looks a hundred years old. Anyway, I saw her in a doc this weekend and it was one of the best doc on the 60’s I have ever seen. It’s called, Hotel California: L.A. from the Byrds to the Eagles (BBC Documentary). Here’s the link:


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