LIVE STREAMING IV: The George Zimmerman Trial for the Murder of Trayvon Martin

I can only hope that prosecutor de la Rionda gets George Zimmerman on the witness stand, but that may not happen with all of the video “testimony” from Zimmerman after the murder.  And I have a feeling that even with interviewing the cops, the cops have their own agenda: they are trying to protect themselves from  further investigations for their non-actions during that night, as well as still protecting Zimmerman. And if it is not the cops, the cable news channel talking heads seem to be all lined up for George Zimmerman and his attorneys.  Thing is, just because everyone is parroting that it all lines up, it doesn’t mean that the story is true.  Zimmerman is alive, while that poor child is dead.

Last time I saw today, defense attorney O’Mara was trying to tie the discovery of a burglary tool near the site of Trayvon’s body five days after the murder to the boy.  How is it that a boy, who was already in trouble with his parents, would want to start even more trouble by burglarizing the neighbors?  His father’s fiancée’s neighbors at that.  (There is no evidence available that Trayvon had a problem with his father and his fiancée; he got along well with his former stepmother, so the possibility that he would act out even here has no  credence.)  Jumped out of the bushes, indeed.  Calling Zimmerman “homie” when no one has been using that slang term with some regularity for at least 10 years (if anything the word has been worked down to “homes.”)  Instigating a fight with Zimmerman when it was clear from Rachel Jeantel’s testimony that the boy was afraid of that “creepy-ass cracker” and was trying to evade him.  Zimmerman’s testimony has all the markings of a made-up cover story and worse, of a TV Western.

Global Grind outlines several reasons why Zimmerman is reluctant to take the stand.

  1. Young Martin was not circling Zimmerman’s car.
  2. Trayvon was not running away from Zimmerman.
  3. Zimmerman was following Trayvon.
  4. Trayvon did not jump out of some bushes to instigate a fight with Zimmerman, because the bushes don’t exist.
  5. George could have been straddling the boy at one point.
  6. Trayvon was shot straight through the heart.  Death was immediate, according to the coroner,  despite Zimmerman’s claims that Trayvon was still talking to him a minute later before he finally passed.
  7. Zimmerman knew how to fight like Chuck Liddell, not Trayvon.  He had been training three days a week for three hours for six months in 2011.  (There is a tape to confirm that even O’Mara lied about his client’s abilities.)

I feel for Trayvon’s father and mother right now.   That boy was only trying to get home.

~ by blksista on July 2, 2013.

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