In Case You’ve Been Wondering About the Antoinette Davis Trial for the Murder of Shaniya Davis…

I’m including the 911 tape made by Antoinette Davis for a reason.

The trial may happen in the fall.

There was a little piece of news on this a couple of weeks ago.  This is what columnist Bill Kirby of the Fayetteville Observer had to say about it.

The trial for Antoniette Davis, 28, mother of slain 5-year-old Shaniya Davis who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Mario Andrette McNeill in 2009, is likely scheduled for the fall, when Davis faces charges of first-degree murder, first degree rape, first degree sex offense, child abuse, sexual servitude with a child, felony child abuse sexual act, human trafficking and indecent liberties with a child.

Then, last week, there were more details.

On the afternoon of July 12, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons is expected to conduct the administrative bit of courtroom housekeeping. That’s likely to involve a scheduled date for Davis’ trial.

“I think it will be most likely in the fall but before the end of the year. The fall, most likely,” West said.

Ammons, West said, will probably preside over the case. When a judge handles one defendant in a case, he’s familiar with the facts and typically presides over any other trials involving the same case.

West said the prosecution for the Davis trial will be the same team from the McNeill trial: West and assistant district attorneys Robby Hicks and Rita Cox.

Davis is represented by D.W. Bray.

Davis is accused of handing over her child to McNeill on Nov. 10, 2009, to settle a drug debt and then falsely reporting her missing from their residence in the Sleepy Hollow Mobile Home Park. The child’s body was found six days later.

Unlike McNeill, Davis does not face the death penalty.

I’m still very interested in the information that emerged during the Mario McNeill trial: that it was Davis’ sister, Brenda, who may have handed off the little girl to McNeill.  They’re gonna have to clear this up.

This is what I said then:

Now, this is interesting, only because it shows what Mario McNeill’s attorneys are up to.  I think that it was mentioned before during the first few days of Shaniya’s disappearance and murder that there was a family connection to McNeill, that either Antoinette Davis herself or her sister Brenda Davis had slept with him.  After their break-up, Brenda, now 23, became pregnant by the brother of the then-girlfriend of Mario McNeill, April Autry.   Now it’s coming up again, and it brings up a hitherto undiscussed (at least publicly) aspect of the case.  What if it had been Brenda Davis who pimped and sold off her niece to Mario McNeill?

 This is from the transcript:

Caller: Yes.

Operator: Ok, ma’am, how can I help you?

Caller: I woke up this morning and my daughter was not in the house. I don’t know if she walked out, or I don’t know what’s going on, but she’s not here.

Operator: How old is your daughter?

Caller: She is five.

Operator: five!

Operator: And your door was not unlocked? That’s what you are telling me?

Caller: No, it was not unlocked. But I’m telling you she knows how to unlock it. I’m hoping she didn’t unlock it and walk out.

See, Antoinette is ascribing the girl’s disappearance to Shaniya possibly walking out of the trailer.  She also said that she didn’t know what happened.  She may have indeed been lying about the circumstances surrounding what happened.  However, it is perfectly rational to suggest another scenario behind the lie: that Antoinette may have awakened and found the child missing,  and realized that her sister was involved.

The authorities need to get to the bottom of this one piece of the puzzle.  It won’t help McNeill—thank goodness!—but it will certainly help to clarify matters as to who actually did what.  If Antoinette was trying to protect or cover up for her sister, especially on that 911 tape above, she may be convicted on a lesser charge.   However, if Brenda is the one who actually gave Shaniya to her murderer, without any culpable prompting from Antoinette, then it is Brenda who will do some extremely serious jail time for what occurred.

More later.

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  1. My parents live in Fayetteville, and they have been keeping up with this case. Thank you sista.


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