I’m Not Gone, Just Writing and Job Hunting and…


Well, I had to get away from the blog for a while, but now I am feeling the itch again. Facebook doesn’t deserve me.

There were more pressing things to do—like try to find a job after my UI benefits were cut some 75%. This was due to this draconian tier system Wisconsin has, as well as The Sequester. It’s not that I haven’t been looking or applying for writing and editing jobs since January. There are still no jobs on the horizon doing what I do best (editing, writing, opining and featuring), as well as jobs while I wait for the Next Big Thing.  And it’s crazy making when I cannot make my rent or even get on the bus for an interview.

Freelancing sometimes requires that one get out of town or go to places in Madison where the buses don’t run.  And it doesn’t pay much.  In fact, it may not pay as well as it did when I was writing book reviews freelancing for the San Francisco Chronicle.

There are very few of these kinds of editorial jobs here in Madison, much less Wisconsin.  You know, the kind that involves 9-5, and some benefits.  There are more of them on both the Left and the Right Coasts, but they are more focused on marketing and flogging products like games, or revamping user manuals. And they seem to go to much younger and blonder types who have just gotten out of college but don’t have the requisite 2-3 years. It’s been rather demoralizing.  But more to the point:  I have got to get out of Wisconsin.

More importantly, on the upside, I am some 60 pages into a new novel. I want to get it up to 100 pages before I present it to a writing coach who could probably tell me what I need or don’t need to do. Unfortunately, one needs cash for this kind of thing as well.  But as I slog through the plot, and delve into my characters’ motivations, understand that I have to focus on this work as well.   And I must disappear.

It’s not that I haven’t been paying attention to catastrophes and crises lately.   And all of the absurdities in between as well as the meaningless deaths and meaningful lives.  I have.  It was time, however, to take a rest.  Trayvon’s death, and the end of the travesty of his killer’s trial was enough.  There were many times I just escaped into the backyard garden to see something as run of the mill as vegetables flowering and growing, but just as affirming.

And now I am back for the moment.  Wish me luck.

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  1. I think most of us are with you. It’ll be more joining the rolls of the looking before too long I suspect. You keep doing you, and I’ll stand right behind you. Ain’t no shame in being human, but plenty in pretending.

    Editing huh? Cheesuz, I can’t even edit these few sentences right here.


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