George Zimmerman Stopped Again by Cops, While Soon to Be Ex-Wife Shellie Is Having Second, Third and Fourth Thoughts About His Innocence…And They Deserve Each Other

Shellie Zimmerman still believes that George Zimmerman did not kill Trayvon Martin out of racial animus and that the justice system worked. But in another interview, this time for yesterday’s The Today Show, Shellie is sounding like an increasingly doubtful believer in the innocence of her husband.  Especially after the confrontation that occurred at their former residence on September 9, in which George punched her father in the nose, smashed her iPad, and also had another woman in tow. Shellie now claims that she doesn’t know what Zimmerman is capable of doing.

She’s serious, right? Now that the trial is over and she has finally been rudely shunted aside, she claims that she doesn’t know her husband any more?  Do you believe this?  This is not the only time he’s argued with her or even laid hands on her or her own relatives. Bet you.  Just because that highly publicized incident comes during their countdown to divorce proceedings doesn’t mean something like this hasn’t happened before.  Either it was hushed up or he threatened her.  And you know that she has admitted that she wasn’t even living with him the night of Trayvon’s murder.  She had left him because she had had enough of the shouts, screaming, threats, violence—and debts.

Now there is money at stake.  He may even write a tell-all book with a ghost.  It is rumored that George has stashed over a million dollars, much of which has been raised from well-wishers, which he may refuse to share with Shellie or his defense attorneys, despite crying poor mouth for so many months.  That’s probably another reason why the divorce proceedings are on hold because process servers don’t know where he is.  (And if they knew, the paranoid Zimmerman might also think, others might know who’d want to pop a few slugs in him in fulfillment of the death threats he’s sustained.  Like he is worth the trouble.)

But Shellie knew what she married. She just wasn’t paying attention, thinking that his former domestic troubles with his ex-fiancée Veronica Zuazo, for instance, wouldn’t lap into their marriage like so much Florida surf during hurricane season.  She thought he loved her, that she was special, and he wouldn’t do her like that.  And for all that, she would naturally share even more of his ethos and beliefs, beyond those that she holds.  Now, those beliefs are dying and they are dying hard in the failure of the marriage and in the harsh spotlight thrown by the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin case.  This woman even slept in the woods for him and lied about the $200,000 first raised for his defense.  She may not have a job; and he is not supporting her.  She resides with her parents, who paid for that rented house they lived in not far from the courthouse where he was tried.  Want to bet that all of these interviews—especially with journo Christie O’Connor who is writing a book about the case—are to make some pin money as well as to smoke him out to sign the papers?

Why didn’t this woman speak out when it counted?   Could it be because her admissions would be on behalf of an unarmed black teenage male?  She doesn’t possess the length of spine it would require to not only go against her husband and his family, and the justice apparatus in Florida, but against that racism that underlies Florida.  What the poet-feminist Adrienne Rich called “disloyalty to civilization.”   In short, being disloyal to all those things that made her privileged despite her own precarious situation—being silent while awaiting the payoff and the return to normalcy that he promised but he never delivered after the trial.  He used her.

Shellie didn’t need to be a kumbaya activist.  She just didn’t—and still doesn’t—share in the kind of morality that would make listeners buy her turnabout and sympathize with her current plight.  She wanted to get paid for sticking with this murderer.  And she’s getting paid alright, but not in the way she envisioned.  Because frankly, it’s blood money.

Shellie knows now—unlike the brave cousin, Witness No. 9, who got up on the witness stand in the preliminary hearings. and accused Zimmerman of molesting her from the time she was a little girl all the way into her late teens—that George Zimmerman shows a radically different face to many other people, while to his intimates he can be much worse: lying, manipulative, selfish, provoking and violent.  You know:  your common, everyday sociopath.  No wonder his own parents, who raised this stinker and his loathsome brother Robert, don’t want him to live with them.  And now Shellie’s getting more of a taste of what George Zimmerman truly is when someone goes counter to what he wants or what he believes.  Or when he feels it is  time to jettison what he feels is so much dead weight.

[Shellie] told police that she and George, her husband of nearly seven years, had agreed that she could take some of her belongings from the home while he was not there. However, according to her attorney, Kelly Sims, when she showed up, he was there with a “400-pound bodyguard” identified as friend Wesley Robinson, 29, and a “blonde friend” identified as Samantha Scheibe, 27, and began recording her. She responded by using an iPad to tape him, Sims said.

In police reports from the time of the incident, Shellie claimed her husband smashed her iPad on his leg and cut it into pieces with a pocketknife, while George said he took the iPad after she tried to hit him in the back with it. Her father, David Dean, told police that George punched him in the face. Robinson described Dean as the aggressor, telling police he had to intervene to restrain an enraged Dean “so that George could get away from him.”

Shellie told police that during the argument, George “reached his hand into his shirt to what she assumed was a gun.” A witness, Eugene Johnson, told police he saw George “very aggressively” reach for what he thought was a gun and tell Dean, “Come towards me, you are threatening me.” However, Johnson did not actually see a gun, and police said no gun was found on George.

“I absolutely stand by my story,” Shellie told Lauer. “I did not see a gun, but I know my husband. I saw him in a stance and a look in his eyes that I’ve never seen before. His shirt was halfway unbuttoned, and he was putting his hand in his shirt and saying, ‘Please step closer, please step closer,’ and so I think that just logically I assumed he had a gun on him.”

No, I don’t think that this is just a volatile scene between a couple that is divorcing.  This IS George Zimmerman.  This IS the George Zimmerman who murdered Trayvon Martin.  Always, out of nowhere, others are assailing him, and he’s never been the aggressor.  Really?  How many times can any one truly believe something like this story occurring all the time?  What does it really sound like?

The reason why Trayvon Martin is still in the news is that George Zimmerman is still in the news, even though some dearly would like him to go away.  They don’t want to remember that Trayvon is the new Emmett Till, because that would mean that Zimmerman is like Till’s assassins in Money, MS who believed that they could do no wrong until the public showed them otherwise.  Zimmerman is going on what his wife calls victory laps with gun nuts and gun manufacturers (and reportedly getting big buck endorsements from them).   I don’t think that these cops are deliberately trying to ticket him to score points.

Last month’s encounter with the law in Brevard County, FL, however, involved having his car tinted far too dark.  Zimmerman said that the windows were darkened because he didn’t want to be recognized on the road and followed, and because of the death threats he had received.  Yeah.  Was his bodyguard with him at the time?  Or his gun?  Zimmerman still got a slap on the wrist.

For others, a far different picture is emerging.  The figure of Trayvon being some kind of out-of-control thug high on drugs about to burgle a complex and kill anything that moved looks more and more unlikely even to those who want to believe this stereotype.  Those farther off the deep end who created this Frankenstein from their fears and hatreds also don’t want to take responsibility for what the creature is becoming.  George Zimmerman refuses to lay low or to go about his business relatively quietly, regardless of whether he is receiving death threats or not.  Trouble follows him like iron chips to a magnet.  Three stops since July?   Within six weeks?

It also reminds me of something reminiscent of Dan White, the killer of Mayor George Moscone and gay Supervisor Harvey Milk.  After his release from prison for a manslaughter conviction that was viewed by many as a slap on the wrist, White expected to be lionized and seen as a local hero for shooting to death the so-called bad guys who, as conservatives had alleged, were sending the City to hell.  Instead, White found out how he was actually regarded and barely tolerated, and this perception, more than anything else led to his suicide—asphyxiated by carbon monoxide fumes piped into his car  while being lulled to oblivion by a tape of Irish songs.

Zimmerman’s got a big head, too.  Shellie knows this, and must know that she enabled his transmogrification.  Whenever Zimmerman is stopped by cops or state troopers, he should be run in for his own good and perhaps, to face reality and to save his own life.  But the cops still won’t do it, probably because Zimmerman is infamous—famous, though, for all of the wrong reasons.  And they don’t want the glare to affix on them for doing their jobs.  More likely, for some, he is still an admirable figure who did what they secretly wish that they could do towards black men and boys.

Understand too, that your garden variety sociopath cannot brook any diminution of the vision he has of himself, and he can charm his way out of a lot of problems.

Eventually, in my opinion, something is going to happen, because this state of affairs cannot last.

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  1. Save it chick, effing save it. Act like before the trial and shut up.

    Things got real for her when that outta control hog turned the gun on her. Now she having second thoughts. Whateva. He’s free because you stood by, you saw a payday, you saw a table full food (like you need some more of that). But worry us none, that bastard is on some kinda reckless spree and as sure as the sun rises and signals morning, he will run into the one person that will end it. And the sooner that happens the better and safer we will all be.

    Methinks a cop will give him the lead shower that he’s begging for.


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