Aprina Paul Update: Former Burglary Accomplice Says Nathan Middleton “Talked of Wanting to Kill People”

This just came in about an hour ago.

Apparently, the authorities are not half-stepping in the least.  They just didn’t want to tip their hands.  They suspect Middleton of murder one.  Court documents filed in Rock County indicate that police gathered over 100 pieces of evidence at the home of Nathan Middleton, 12016 West Highway 14, in Porter, WI where Aprina Paul died.  These include a baggie of marijuana and many far more gruesome articles.  Read on:

Nathan Middleton, 29, the suspected killer of Aprina Paul; eight years ago, his accomplice in a burglary caper told a detective that Middleton said that he wanted to kill people (Courtesy: WKOW.com)

Nathan Middleton, 29, the suspected killer of Aprina Paul (Courtesy: WKOW.com)

An affidavit for a search warrant for the property states authorities suspect the man renting the home, 29-year old Nathan Middleton, of first degree intentional homicide.

Authorities say Middleton has told detectives Paul answered his online ad seeking sex, and after taking Paul to his home, they had sex and used drugs, and Middleton discovered Paul unresponsive the next morning. Authorities say Middleton said he burned Paul’s body in a burn pit he dug on the property.

Search warrant records state officers seized a chainsaw, tools, women’s makeup, fixtures, material from the burn pit, sixteen possible teeth, a bag of marijuana and many other items.

Middleton remains in the Rock County jail on a probation hold.   Middleton was convicted in 2005 of armed burglary.  Court records show a burglary accomplice told a detective Middleton talked about wanting to kill people.

Circumstantial, that last sentence.  But it’s definitely on record.  All the cops need to do is to continue to build the case.

That admission by the accomplice occurred some eight years ago.

Aprina may not have been his first victim; but for damn sure, she may have been his last.

Get this, too:  Middleton’s baby was in the back seat of the car he was driving when he picked up Aprina.  I’ll bet that this was a way of disarming Aprina and allaying some of her fears.  This guy wouldn’t mess with her if he had a baby.

Earlier, he had dropped off Brittney Humphrey at her job.  The child is variously described as being between 5-8 months old.  Some have identified the little girl as being Middleton’s child, other sources have described her as being Brittney Humphrey’s daughter.  I think that this is merely to indicate that the pair were not yet married.

Anything that Middleton is saying about Aprina using drugs or accepting cash for having sex, the authorities are taking with a grain of salt.  Meaning, since he’s destroyed possible corroborating evidence (Aprina’s body, purse, ID, etc.), they can’t confirm it readily, and it could mean that he is lying.

This article linked above also relates that the cops will be interviewing Brittney Humphrey in more detail very soon.  That development promises to be very interesting.  If Humphrey’s a smart woman, she’d better tell all that she knows because it appears that the fuzz are not going to let anyone off the hook.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I am a former classmate of Nathan, I know of things that he has done that are realy bad starting at a realy yong age. I want to get ahold of Aprina’s mother or someone in her family to give them info of his violent past, including the time he shot me at school when we were only 7 years old. Ithink that if there is atention to his past. I know the court has to have records from his youth. He has always been disturbed.


    • I know that Alice Larrue has visited this site at least once; Aprina’s brother has a Facebook page in the young woman’s name. So Alice may find your account here. He shot you with a BB gun or something?


  2. I have personally known Brittney for many years. She is not the smartest person, and has some sort of disabilities. She would not be the first one to suspect that something was wrong, that the smell of the fire was odd while they cooked and ate smores over the fire. She always gets into relationships with the wrong people. Awhile back, she told me complaining that Nathan had hit her in his sleep. Interesting now that I think of it. And no, that baby is not Nathan’s. She was pregnant before she met him. However, she is pregnant at the moment with Nathan’s baby.


  3. This sadens me that she ended up with a guy like this but does not surprise me. Because of her disabilities she ends up in very awkward social situations. She is good at protecting yet quick to back stab so. I hope she does not hold back! I hope for the best for her children


  4. I went to school with Brittney.

    Two things to know: first, Nathan is not the baby’s father.

    Second, Brittney is very, very, very slow. Potentially retarded. Probably about as slow as you can get and still function in a public school. This is NOT an excuse for any involvement she may have had in Aprina’s death, but it might give some context as to why she was in a relationship with Nathan in the first place. She is extremely easily manipulated.


    • Thank you for your observation, Former Schoolmate, about Brittney Humphrey’s state of cognition. You’re the second individual to pipe up that Brittney’s daughter is not Middleton’s, too. Let’s see whether Brittney’s slowness is borne out in other news reports by the mainstream media here. BTW, the term “retarded” is frowned upon these days, but for the purposes of our gaining information and understanding about this case, I’m letting it slide. I get your drift. Brittney Humphrey may be differently abled, and therefore may not have readily suspected something was wrong.


      • I have a retarded sibling myself and am using the term in a purely medical sense. Let me be very clear that I did NOT intend that this word be an insult IN ANY WAY. I realize that it is a very controversial term when referring to the developmentally disabled community. My sincere apologies to all whom I may have offended – it was not my intention.


      • Incidentally, according to a Facebook update on 11.10.13, Brittney is no longer in a relationship with Nathan.


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  6. Check out her Facebook page with the name “Brittney MIddleton” and you will find Brittney’s post/comment Anon 1 is talking about and more, pics of her and Nathan and baby.


  7. Have you checked out Brittney’s FB page? The most current one is Brittney Middleton. She says “Nathan hunny I k.ow u did do it I miss u and love u and will get threw it some how” So, that question about whether she is smart is now answered.


    • I have, and there is nothing on the page that says anything like that. There are no comments at all.


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