Nathan Middleton Arrested on Charges of Destroying Aprina Paul’s Body, Drug Possession, and Pandering

This news came out late yesterday afternoon and updated during the local evening news.  The charges—that Nathan Middleton burned Aprina Paul’s body and that Middleton was using drugs at the time—were a given. The authorities have enough evidence to send him back to prison for a decade, but not for murder. They also admit that it may be close to impossible to ascertain how the young woman actually died from the bone fragments.

The pandering charge—that Middleton admitted to soliciting Aprina Paul for the purpose of prostitution or sex in exchange for money (using Craigslist)—is a new one, but like the other charges, not surprising coming from Middleton.  If a man (or even a woman) goes to a particular area of Craigslist, no matter in what city, or even abroad, and places an ad using euphemisms like “partying” or “having fun,” when what they mean is anonymous sex encounters, more often than not someone is going to get a pro at this kind of thing.  One does not have to be a prostitute in order to participate, just experienced and willing.  And money may or may not be involved.

This is a screenshot of what a sexually-inclined individual might expect on the Madison Craigslist's Casual Encounters area.  Not necessarily for innocents, and as always, one must be careful that one does not catch a disease---or catch hell  (Courtesy: Craigslist)

This is a screenshot of what a sexually-inclined individual might expect on the Madison Craigslist’s Casual Encounters subsection, where Nathan Middleton may have placed his ad.  Even the Personals section is not for innocents, and as always, one must be careful that one does not catch a bug—or catch hell (Courtesy: Craigslist)

From Channel 13 in Rock County:

On November 13, detectives charged Middleton with the following:

Hiding a Corpse
Mutilating a Corpse
Possession of THC
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Failure to Notify Coroner of Death

If forensic testing of the bone fragments indicates a cause of death, Middleton may face additional charges. He is scheduled to appear in court again on Thursday, November 14.

But Middleton did not appear in court today as expected, and may not until further notice.  Reason?  The criminal complaint, it was reported, was still not ready.

It’s very interesting that the drug charges were spelled out: possession of THC (marijuana), and possession of drug paraphrenalia (like a pipe or rolling papers).  Middleton was adamant that Aprina took some “unknown drug” that may have been a factor in her death.  Hell, in those situations, Middleton would be curious about what she was taking and would want her to share.  However, it would be equally plausible that he may have offered her something that knocked her out.  Sheriff Spoden himself said that he was suspicious that Middleton wouldn’t have known what the drug was that Aprina took.  Overall, it seemed to me like this was yet another occurrence of recreational drug use, and not a meeting of addicts.

Returning to the charge of pandering: Aprina’s mother, Alice Larrue, refuses to believe that her daughter may have been a prostitute.

“I know deep in my heart. I feel it. I know that he killed my daughter,” mother Alice Larrue says.

It has been a tough two weeks for Larrue, who says the worst thing besides her daughter Aprina being gone is hearing Middleton’s explanation of what happened.

“I know my daughter wasn’t a prostitute. I know my daughter wasn’t a drug addict. I know these things,” Larrue says.

Middleton was interviewed by detectives after he called officials and told them that Paul’s body could be found in a burn barrel in his back yard. He says Paul died from a drug overdose after the two had sex at his Evansville home. He told detectives he met Paul after posting an ad on Craigslist asking for sex.

“That’s his side of the story. I don’t agree with that. I don’t believe that and Aprina is not here to give her side of the story,” Larrue says.

Then what in the world was Aprina doing leaving with this guy at 10 p.m. at night without telling someone what she was up to, who Middleton was, and where she was going?  It seems Aprina did not want her mother to know what she was up to, because she did not want to run the risk of being prevented from going off with Middleton.  Aprina was 18 and of age, but it appears at bottom that Aprina had what some people can’t fathom of their own children: that they have another life, either under or beyond the notice or understanding of their parents.  A life that may involve using illegal drugs or engaging in risky sex.  A life that they are willing to pursue until it is of no more use to them.

Why would Alice Larrue insist that Aprina “never” was a prostitute?  What if it is later proven that she was?  Because something like this would reflect on Larrue’s dignity as a mother, and most importantly, it would deflect others from the irrefutable fact that the larger and stronger Nathan Middleton was the last human being to see the 5’3″ Aprina alive.  In other words, Middleton becomes the victim and not Aprina.  It was her fault that she died. This society tends to view prostitutes or hookers as less than women, less than human and expendable even as murder victims.  This may be what Middleton is counting on.

Add the fact that Aprina was a black woman to the mix, and it becomes even more upsetting to her family and friends that the authorities may take all these factors into account when they bring Middleton to trial.  Count on it: it is the lack of evidence that Aprina was murdered that is keeping Middleton from getting a murder one charge.  A corpus delicti.  Even her cell phone has not been found.  Her clothes and her purse and its contents were burned as well.

As I said before, I am not going to be finger-pointing at Aprina, because Nathan Middleton is alive and Aprina Paul is dead.  I still think that Middleton may have killed Aprina, and that it was not an accident.  That’s why he went to the extreme of burning her body to destroy the evidence of his culpability.  Don’t even think that the cops don’t know this.  Aprina did not deserve her fate; she deserves justice, even to have been herself.  I think that is what people should focus on.  Nobody deserves that kind of end.  Nobody.

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  1. “I have been scouring the Web regarding any updates to this story, and I haven’t yet found anything else. I repeat, focusing on what Aprina Paul did rather than what Nathan Middleton may have done—that is, take her life—is not justice. It doesn’t matter if she were a hooker or not. No one deserves this kind of end.”

    What kind of end would that be? There is no proof as to how she died. FOR all anyone knows she over dosed, as she did do drugs( Police records), . There is at this point no proof of a murder. SOME of these friends and relatives of Aprina would be outraged if they were charged with a crime there was no proof of.

    IT seems like they think because she was black, she deserves special attention.

    They are making fools of them selves and her name will only continue to be dragged through the trenches as they continue this

    . IF Nathan Middleton was ever charged with murder a defense attorney will dig up every thing he can find on her, including her juvenile record and her other arrests.

    A defense attorney would have no problem showing reasonable doubt in just how Aprina died based on Aprina’s past.

    I was recently given information on her and her past. Her PAST does play into what happened to her.

    I have heard so many ” She did not deserve what happened to her.” Well what really happened to her?

    WE do not know how she died. IF it was indeed a drug over dose which based on her drug use it could have been, more than likely she went to sleep and just never woke up.

    HER family continuing to say she was murdered in just foolishness with no proof.

    Her mother knew her daughter did drugs and was selling her self. The girl was arrested for it in high school.

    EVEN with the burning of the body, Aprina was no longer there. It is in deed horrible for her family, but Aprina at that point was in a much better place. But this attitude of ” we are black and we demand justice.” Just makes them look and sound uneducated. I have not decided yet what I am going to do with the information I was given,.but it was verified


    • I don’t believe Middleton’s side of the story, since this is the side you are taking, because

      1. HE BURNED HER BODY. No one will probably know how she died because he burned the evidence. Evidence whether or not she died at his hands is forever destroyed.

      A man who has nothing to hide would not burn someone’s body. Or even bury it. Middleton had something to hide.

      2. You seem to say that because Aprina may have been a young prostitute, she deserved everything that happened to her, including her incineration after death.

      I don’t. It doesn’t mean that I approve of prostitution or what she was doing. What I do not approve of is giving Middleton a license to slide from culpability. He is the last person who saw her alive. With that, everything that he says is automatically SUSPECT.

      3. You claim that you have credible information that she was a prostitute. This is not yet borne out by any current news reports. So what makes you so special to have this information? All you actually have is hearsay and opinion. There is no verification of what you say or write. When witnesses are queried by reporters, answer questions on camera, or when police records are brought forward by the media, or by prosecutors and attorneys as to the background of the deceased, then there will be proof for all to see.

      But then again, if and when it is proven that Aprina was a prostitute since high school, is this a reason for Nathan Middleton to have killed her and/or burned her body?

      Why are you so pressed to getting Middleton off for what he has done? His wrong doesn’t make him or you right, to dismiss her life as if it were nothing.

      4. I said before that while there is no proof that Middleton killed her, suspicion remains BECAUSE HE BURNED HER BODY. I suspect that he killed her and burned her body. Plus, I also found out that Middleton, the son of a murderer now spending time in prison, also told a burglary accomplice five years ago that he felt like killing people. The accomplice repeated this to an investigator. At the most, he will spend time in prison for burning her body. I am satisfied with this possible outcome, but when he ever gets out, look out.

      5. Get off that sanctimonious pulpit, dude. Why are young girls drawn to prostitution and/or drugs? How can we keep them from that life? That’s what folks should be focused on.


      • But you are doing nothing but try to ignore what she did. Middleton will get prison time for what they can prove . The information I have is no big surprise.


  2. There is a story coming out from verified sources that Arprina worked as a prostitute even in high school and was arrested for prostitution and drugs several times when in high school. WHAT did this family think was going to happen to this young lady? Her mother knew what she was doing.


    • I have been scouring the Web regarding any updates to this story, and I haven’t yet found anything else. I repeat, focusing on what Aprina Paul did rather than what Nathan Middleton may have done—that is, take her life—is not justice. It doesn’t matter if she were a hooker or not. No one deserves this kind of end.


  3. […] I would not know her name myself if I were not a Wisconsin resident and keeping up with a blogger, This Black Sista’s Page, who has done a remarkable job keeping up with and commenting on the case. Even those further […]


    • Thank you. It takes so much out of me to talk about this case in a way that does not dismiss this girl. I plan to talk about Renisha as well.


  4. Thank you so much for saying that! As parents we don’t know what are children are doing when they’re not around us. They have two faces. The one they really are and the one they show to us!! Coming up I felt my body was all that!! And a man needs to give me money!!! Don’t ask where I got that stupid idea from!! My mother wasn’t like that. She was a Witness. Maybe I got it from some older women or girlfriends. I wasn’t a prostitute.But I may have acted like one. Thankfully I got safely past that phase of my life. My heart is heavy for Aprina Paul’s family. She made a mistake as we all do at some point and time in our lives. May her death open some other young girl’s eyes. And make them stop and think : What sounds good and looks good may not be good for me!! And don’t believe your lying eyes!! I believe the police will charge Middleton with what they can and as much as they can. We all know he murdered her!!! And Alice you’re a strong woman and you know your family well. So hang in there. To heck with what people say. You know your daughter. When she was telling the truth and when she wasn’t. We wish and pray all the time for our children. I wish and pray all these self righteous people with their perfect families show a little compassion for those less fortunate. I wish Aprina was still here. And I pray this doesn’t happen to another young girl. I wish Middleton was actually as dumb as he sounds and I pray the police get the evidence they need.


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