That “Scandal Cartoon”: Episode 7, ‘Everything’s Coming Up Mellie’

I’ve decided to include the latest KevOnStage confection, Cartoon Scandal, recapping the latest Scandal episode, if you had to work, had to go to a flick with your boo, or had drifted asleep before the getting got good.

This time, it recaps three of the biggest revelations yet on the Shonda Rhimes nighttime soap-political thriller.  Yeah, you will be confirmed that Quinn is in biiig trouble.

By the way, actress Bellamy Young appeared on The Wendy Williams Show this week.  Did you know that she was only supposed to be on Scandal once or twice?   And then she got to be a regular player.  Frankly, I didn’t like the interview.  Either she was tired and hyper from doing so many appearances, or her jumpy behavior is an offshoot of her playing First Lady Mellie Grant.

And then there is Men on Scandal:

Word to you Scandalholics, there are supposedly only two more episodes left before the series goes on hiatus during the Christmas-New Year holidays.  It will then reappear in January.

This episode was so good I am going to watch it again using On Demand.  See you there.

~ by blksista on November 16, 2013.

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