George Zimmerman, Killer of Trayvon Martin, Charged With Domestic Violence Against His New Girlfriend

I saw the TMZ breaking news this afternoon on Facebook, but news about this development were pretty sketchy until now.

Here’s the arrest report as outlined by the sheriff’s deputies, and just click the link:  georgezimmermanchargesdomesticbattery

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Department, which patrols unincorporated areas of the county, were called to a duplex home in Apopka, what appears to be a lower middle-class burb not far from Orlando.  George Zimmerman had flown into a rage with his new girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, during an argument.  According to the conversation Scheibe was having with the 911 operator, it seems that Zimmerman had escalated into inappropriate behavior in their relationship before, just as he had done with his former fiancée and his soon-to-be ex-wife.  “He knows how to do this: he knows how to play this game,” Scheibe said in the audio transcript below.

But guess what?  Zimmerman got on the horn to tell his side of the story to another 911 operator, while Scheibe was talking to her 911 operator and to the police.

Sounds a lot like CYA was going on, but we’ve heard this story before about people seemingly going crazy and violent on Zimmerman, and he can’t do anything but defend his poor little victimized self.  It’s a broken record.  I picked up this side of the story from TMZ.  He claims Scheibe is pregnant, but the cops deny that she is.  But if Scheibe is pregnant, why threaten, push or aim a shotgun at a woman who is carrying your child?  Only a psycho does that.

You can hear the wheels turning in his head as he concocts and shapes what happened to the 911 operator to serve his purposes and establish his vaunted innocence.  He’s nothing less than a manipulator and sociopath.

Plus, Zimmerman had barricaded himself in Scheibe’s duplex, pushing her out of her own home.  Scheibe gave her key to the deputies, and they had to push aside her furniture (some of which he had smashed) in order to get to him.  Zimmerman was not armed—that is, he was not carrying his guns—when he was arrested, but why barricade yourself inside a house with guns unless you’re about to make one of those kinds of last statements.  You know.  Suicide by shootout with the cops.

I keep thinking back to poor Trayvon cold in his grave, and his parents still toiling to get rid of Stand Your Ground laws, making appearances around the country to small auditoriums and churches to tell of their experience of losing a child who was unarmed to gun violence.  Their lives will never be the same.

And now we have a female Trayvon, Renisha McBride, also unarmed, who was shot down on Ted Wafer’s doorstep for simply being black, inebriated, stoned and disoriented and bloody from a car crash, and looking for help.  Wafer shot through the front door, which was locked, and the screen door, which was also locked.  How could a 5’4″ Renisha have broken into Wafer’s home if she was a home invasion robber or burglar?  Renisha’s parents are also in pain, wondering how anything like this could happen to them, that their daughter would never come home again.

Nina Ippolito over at Policy Mic warned that Zimmerman’s brushes with the law isn’t serving blacks—or the dead Trayvon—at all:

People who were outraged by the verdict of July’s trial want to see Zimmerman suffer, but continued media scrutiny isn’t sufficient to hold Zimmerman accountable for his actions. Watching Zimmerman unravel won’t bring Martin back. It won’t do anything to ensure the safety of other young black men around the country, nor will it restrict the legitimization of vigilante-style gun justice. Instead, reports regarding Zimmerman’s stunted life as a free man merely highlight our inability, as a society, to make anything good come of the tragedy that was his trial.

As tempting as it is to focus on Zimmerman’s post-exoneration fate, doing so won’t bring us closure.

Too bad Zimmerman can’t be retried on what he’s been up to lately, because I think that a lot of people have had their eyes opened.  The guy is dangerous to anyone who gets close to him.  Anyone’s son and anyone’s sister.  And not just those of black and brown people.

Demonstrating and buttonholing our politicians about these travesties of justice, influencing the passage of bills and legislation as well as educating others about why Trayvon Martin is important, is a beginning towards that kind of closure.  At the moment, though, I cannot forgive a justice system that would allow a psycho case like George Zimmerman to continue to walk around while a young black man or a young black woman who were never in trouble with the law are now dead and buried for absolutely nothing.  Karma is slowly catching up to George Zimmerman, and as far as I and a lot of other people are concerned, it’s only a matter of time.

~ by blksista on November 18, 2013.

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