Coming Up Today: More on Aprina Paul, Zimmerman Cases

I was busy yesterday job hunting, and thereafter really didn’t have much energy to pursue the latest on the Aprina Paul case locally and on George Zimmerman’s latest shenanigans nationally, along with some other stuff I wanted to touch on.  Especially regarding the 50th Anniversary of The Kennedy Assassination tomorrow.

It may be later today that I will be commenting on both cases.  I’ll have a PDF of the criminal complaint set up as well, so you can read for yourself what the police found out and why they are not allowing Nathan Middleton to slide.  Apparently, the guy has been lying about his activities from the gate, which is no surprise to me.

As for whether Aprina was a prostitute or not, that will be confirmed by the criminal complaint, which also contains her family’s input to the investigation  As I said before, the focus should not reside on what Aprina did for a living, but on Nathan Middleton, as he was the last person to see this young woman alive and had full control of (and disposal of) her body.

See you all in a bit.  I need coffee.  😉


~ by blksista on November 21, 2013.

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