Those Posters From Facebook: Anything From A to Z


You know, one gets tired of writing about murder and of death.  And I may not talk much later on about the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death as I planned.

I mean, I feel just like these young girls above, Alice (Liddell) of Alice in Wonderland, and Dorothy Gale of The Wizard of Oz commiserating with each other.  Alice fell down a rabbit hole, ate from a magical mushroom, and later, stepped through a mirror to have a croquet match with the Queen of Hearts, a dangerous royal harridan who was more likely to bellow for someone’s head, including the Cheshire Cat‘s.  The teeth in the smile that John Tenniel drew for the disappearing kitty may have been dismaying to Alice, but terrifying for me back in the day.  A thing that is essentially all mouth?

And then there was Dorothy.  The effects from a Kansas twister caused her to visit a very foreign country, where the inhabitants all spoke English.  On the way to petition the Wizard for the means to return home, Dorothy becomes the enemy of the Wicked Witch of the West (by accidentally landing—in the house with Toto—on her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East).   Dorothy meets people out of her ken—the Munchkins; she collapses sleeping in a poppy field, is kidnapped by flying monkeys…well, you know the drill.  Plus those ruby slippers are just stuck to her feet for some reason.  She can’t take them off.

All in all, you know what I mean.  I can well agree that these sisters have experienced some sh*t.  Things caused by events not even in their control.


Our FLOTUS, however, wants to find out whether fantasy reflects real life.  I doubt it, but of course, this is a riff off Scandal.


These are just a few of the posters from Facebook that I have enjoyed recently.  Some of you may or may not have seen them, and not all of them are funny.  They sure are interesting, because it appears that people have a lot of time on their hands to put these bad boys together.  Spreading them around is the easy part, no doubt.


And then some things, as above from the analog world, never change even when transferred to new mediums.


And of course, one must placate the Scandalholics, again.  Tony Goldwyn certainly has come up in the world since Ghost way back when.  Now he’s a sex symbol to black women as the president who has Liv Pope as a side chick, but who also has bought her a house where they might live forever in wedded bliss and have a passel of biracial beautiful babies. (All they have to do is deep-six B613—and Mellie Grant.)


This one, of course, is politically inspired. I’m really sick and tired of these moralists in Congress who seem to know soooo much about how the unfortunates really live, when they don’t. In case these dipsticks have forgotten, drugs cost money, money many would rather use to eat and keep a roof over their heads.  A lot of people work at minimum wage.  Money is something this privileged, sanctimonious dunce has in abundance to afford an excellent rehab joint where he could take his time and dry out and not fear losing his job.  Many don’t have access to these kinds of services.


And when it comes to sports, there are always winners and losers.  Take the Atlanta Falcons, for example.  Sorry, I have no dog in this hunt.  I’m a Niners fan, and I am ticked off at them.

And lastly, here’s an interesting way to look at Australia, the seventh continent.


Have a great one.

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