Meanwhile, Back in Madison: Scorching Temperatures to Continue for Two More Days; “Concerts on the Square” Show Will Go On Regardless of The Heat

• July 20, 2011 • Comments Off

Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: Enjoy Strawberry Watermelon Mojitos (via Baking with Basil) As You Beat The Heat This Week

• July 18, 2011 • Comments Off

Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: Blizzard Watch for Nine States, Including Cheeseland

• February 1, 2011 • Comments Off

Ice, Ice, Baby…The Winds Have Died Down a Bit, Leaving Bitter Cold. And It’s Not Even Winter. Officially…

• December 14, 2010 • Comments Off

Governor Doyle Declares a State of Emergency for All 72 Snowbound Counties in Wisconsin

• December 12, 2010 • Comments Off


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