Another View of Bradley Lockhart, Shaniya’s Father: He Was a Negligent Father (w/Update)

UPDATE: This is not the first burial from violent death in Bradley Lockhart’s immediate family. Eleven years ago, his then-wife of seven years, Vickie Sue Lockhart, 28, was bound, gagged and shot, along with her sister and a friend in a home robbery homicide. The friend, 24-year-old David Lee Epps, had a brother, Joe Epps Staton, who had come into a $20,000 settlement a year ago, and the killers believed that Staton had the money stashed in the house. Staton was providentially absent from the house when the incident occurred; his mother Sheila believes that he had bragged about the money in public, but of course, it was in the bank, not in the house. The perps were sentenced to life in prison. Lockhart had three children with Vickie Sue, but they are being raised by their maternal grandparents.

Do you know what this means? Bradley Lockhart hasn’t had a real hand in raising his children since the death of his wife. Cheyenne Lockhart, 17, was raised by his black neighbors. Lockhart has been married at least twice.

Some guys indeed are just sperm donors.

Why does lightning have to strike twice?



Well, looks as though I am going to have to take back my generous words about Bradley Lockhart. He may have loved his daughter, but it appears that he didn’t know how or wanted to raise her either. Check this new video and an article that’s come out from My NC, Wake County.

Several people who were close to 5-year-old Shaniya Davis and her father Brad Lockhart say they tried to intervene in the child’s life because they felt the little girl was at risk.

A close friend of Brad’s, and his ex-father-in-law both say they offered to take in Shaniya rather than let her live with her mother, because they say when the child was in the custody of her mother, bad things happened to her.

“My wife says she saw cigarette burns on Shaniya’s arms,” said Brad’s friend Tim Allen, who says he is very angry over what happened.

Byron Coleman, Brad’s ex-father-in-law, said Shaniya “had burns on her legs, arms and things” after visits with her mother.

“She had a cigarette burn on the corner of her eye, which she claimed her grandma did when she went over there,” added Shaniya’s half sister Cheyenne Lockhart.

The three all claimed that the 5-year-old suffered physical abuse while in the custody of her mother.

“When you wanted sex that’s where you went,” Coleman said. “You knew what the girl was doing. You knew what she associated with, so why place your daughter in that situation?”

Because of that, Coleman blames Lockhart for Shaniya’s death.

“To me Shaniya would be alive today if she wasn’t placed in that situation,” Coleman claims.

Coleman says he offered to give Shaniya a home, but says Brad declined his offer.

Allen tells a similar story.

“He had an alternative, I gave him a way out,” Allen explained; however Lockhart would not let Allen take care of Shaniya.

“I’m fighting mad. All this could have been avoided,” Allen said.

Why was Bradley Lockhart so insistent that Shaniya be returned to her mother’s home and raised by her when there was evidence that she was abusive and neglectful? Because it looks as though he was dumping Shaniya off no matter what the circumstances were at her mother’s.

Allen had already taken in Shaniya’s half sister Cheyenne, because she said her dad wouldn’t take care of her.

And Cheyenne says Brad did not provide for Shaniya.

“He didn’t take care of her, his girlfriends took care of her,” she said. “He loved her, but she was raised by other people. He hasn’t been in her life.”

Meanwhile, the Cumberland County Department of Social Services said it can not comment on what it was doing in regard to Shaniya because those comments might compromise the on-going criminal investigation.

All those histrionics after Shaniya was found…what an act if this is all true.

Shaniya was alone. All alone.

Her funeral is set for tomorrow at 3 p.m. at Manna Church, 5117 Cliffdale Road, Fayetteville.

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  1. Bradley had 2 children out of wedlock that the police can prove. Shaniya was one, another in Florida: both poor black women. He did not take custody because he would have to pay child support. He was taken to court for child payments and lost all cases. He left two innocent children alone in the world. This a crime because it is child abandonment. This male should be sent to jail. His negligence murdered Shanya. As Jesus said, “if anyone should hurt these little ones, they should have a millstone put around their neck and thrown into the sea.” Both Bradley and his sister are guilty of homocide: period. If Bradley Lockhart had been a normal responsible person Shaniya would never had been killed. Justice must be done as she cries from the grave.

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  2. Lockhart did not have time to check up on Shaniya after he dumped her at the trailer park. Now he has time to appear on numerous talk shows. He did not have money to pay for the funeral but now he has hired a very well known lawyer. What is up with this man??


  3. Bradley Lockhart is a criminal. This person belongs in jail. He don’t marry women. He gts em pregnant, then leaves. Who knows how many. What a piece fo skum. his firs wife had one child when he married her; was she preegnent from Brad? Brad won’t com out and tell the truth, cause he guilty. Brad a lieing peice of dog dung. deserves 20 yers in jail.


  4. Lockheart has another child in Florida: out of wedlock. Lockheart is also a partner in a strip/club/bar. His sister is divorced with children. If burn marks were on the child, when did they take place? and why didn’t the sister stop by and/or why didn’t Mr. Lockheart call his sister or child services to ask about her safety: this guy murdered his own child. He should be in prison. Let us pray that justice will be done in this death.

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  5. i knows bradley. Why he need attorney. He need one. More is coming out. He bad. one can only lye for so long, than it catch up with yau.

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  6. The three children he fathered with Vicki Sue were in fact raised by their maternal grand parents, Mr Coleman has repeatedly dragged Mr Lockhart into court over custody and support issues over the last several years. Some of the issues were dropped, but the Colemans have legal custody of all three kids.

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    • Wait.

      Bradley Coleman married two Coleman women? That’s not what I read.

      What have you seen?


  7. IF he did not sign paternity papers for Shaniya and IF his other “daughter” Cheyenne was not living with him, and IF his other 3 children were raised by his former mother-in-law (per your opening blog remark, blksista) and IF he listed any or all of them as dependents on his income tax returns, he is going to need a lawyer for sure.


  8. I too have wondered if Lockhart is Shaniya’s biological father. I see no resemblance, but aside from that if he never signed paternity papers then he is perpetuating quite a scam on the American public. If he did not sign paternity papers, then he has no more right to claim that he is Shaniya’s father than any other man who had a “one-night stand” with Antoinette, or for that matter, any man on the street. In a way, Oprah messed up. Instead of asking if there was a custody order for Shaniya, she SHOULD have asked: “Hey, are you the legal father? Did you sign paternity papers which were filed with the appropriate agency?” Of course, the Today Show, Nancy Grace, and whatever other shows he’s appeared on, have been no better. NO ONE HAS ASKED THIS QUESTION! Amazing!
    Speaking of Nancy Grace, caught him on her show with an attorney at his side instead of “Aunt Carey.” I wonder why he now needs an attorney. And an attorney from Jacksonville Florida, not a local attorney in Fayetteville. I think he knows something is going to bust and that he will NEED an attorney.


  9. P.S. In other words, if you are not the LEGAL father (because you never signed paternity papers) then you have no LEGAL right to request custody! Is that why there was no custody ORDER? I don’t know. Just asking!


  10. No blksista, custody orders are usually not sealed,as far as I know. It’s just a court order saying mom (or dad) has custody. It’s not like an adoption (which frequently IS sealed). He admitted on Oprah that there was no custody order,right? In most cases, custody and child support are addressed at the same time. Either issue (or both) can be modified later on by either parent upon request to the court to review. Bottom line : If Lockhart did not sign an acknowledgement of paternity or was found to be the father by the court (at least, that’s how it’s done in most states) Shaniya has no legal father. If he did acknowledge or was declared by the court to be the father, the document/s should be on file in the county court clerk’s office or at the Bureau of Vital Stats in Raleigh, or both. My point, and echoing Joan: What EVIDENCE is there for Lockkart calling himself SHaniya’s father other than just his say-so? None that I can see, so far.


  11. Right! In most states, a father’s name cannot be placed on the birth certificate of a child born out of wedlock unless he has signed an acknowledgement of paternity OR has found to be the father by the court (which usually involves DNA blood test). Not 100 per cent sure about paternity law in North Carolina. Can any N.C. family law attorney clarify this? (If the father’s name on Shaniya’s birth certificate is blank, well…hmmmmm….!)


    • Larry and Joan, so what are your points?

      Can you tell us whether Lockhart got a custody order or not, etc.? Isn’t that the kind of thing that is sealed because children aren’t of age?



  12. Consider this: What EVIDENCE is there that Bradley Lockhart is Shaniya’s biological father? Shaniya doesn’t have his NAME. He never got a custody order. No child support order. Did he so much as sign paternity papers or take a DNA blood test? Seems to me Lockhart (with or without A.D.’s collusion) did not want ANY outside agency involved with this child. WHY?


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  14. You state that Brad was married twice: can you name he names? Was he wife that was shot and killed using drugs? If so, it is more likely that Brad was using drugs. Do you know the truth. I sure would like to know. Thanks, Fred


    • If you can tell from the excerpts, Bradley Lockhart was married to Cheyenne Lockhart’s mother, Byron Coleman’s daughter. She was a black woman, as Cheyenne is most definitely biracial. I don’t know where Mr. Coleman’s daughter, Lockhart’s first wife, is. She may be deceased.

      His second wife was the woman who was shot, Vickie Sue Lockhart. Her shooting was connected to something that had little to do with drugs or the drug industry. There is no tie. To my knowledge, he hasn’t remarried since. The woman who accompanied him in their media appearances was his sister, Carey Lockhart-Davis, who helped to raise Shaniya.

      Was Bradley Lockhart using? I don’t know that. That remains to be found out for sure. The cops aren’t impressed with him or his story, but they don’t have any proof yet. As one person put it on a comments section of a Fayetteville area TV station, the more he and his sister talk, the more the cops feel that he is incriminating himself–at the very least–in future charges of neglect. Fayetteville appears to be on edge.

      I hope that makes things clear.


      • biksista: Please keep this private. I didn’t know that he married Mr. Coleman’s first daughter and then married his next daughter. From Cheyenne’s comments sounds to me like he was running around with women all the time. It also appears that he was guilty of child neglect. Why didn’t his sister intervene or object to sending Shaynia to the trailer dump. It looks like Brad comes from a trashy family. He is never in one place for very long: always on the move. Why? Is he running from trouble? I do not trust this guy: he sounds like a con-man: same with his sister.

        Am I on the right track? Thanks, F


        • Fred, you’re not keeping this private by putting your comments on a public website.

          As far as I know, Bradley Lockhart only married one Coleman daughter, the one who produced his daughter, Cheyenne. Byron Coleman is his ex-father-in-law. He was the one who volunteered to raise Shaniya.


  15. Its too late to wonder what could of been. the fact of the matter is too many kids get punished in unthinkable ways, tortured raped and killed. no child deserves that and who ever did it deserves to die a slow painful torturous death. THis little girl can never be brought back but we can know she is resting in peace


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  17. God don’t like ugly. I hope that man gets his. He is a selfish bastard. From day one I have blamed him for his daughter’s death!!!! THE SYSTEM DID NOT FAIL SHANIYA, RATHER HER FATHER MR. BRADLEY LOCKHART DID!!!! STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY OPRAH HAD THAT MONSTER ON HER SHOW?! HE NEEDS TO BE QUESTIONED BY THE POLICE. UGHHHHH…


  18. he is a piece of crap, and I bet he will make money off of this…I wish they would let me at him…That selfish a==hole, he didnt give a crap about his daughter then but now? he is all over this, trying to look like he was the heroe, he is the #1 to blame, Shaniyas mom at least can say she was a crack head..what was Brad’s excuse? SELFISH ..I hate you you son of a B..that little depended on you and you did this to you her!! I blame you!!




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