Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: Busting Out of Jail The Hard Way – Nathan Middleton Wanted His Mother to Provide Explosives and a Car for His Jail Break

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the proceedings from Nathan Middleton’s Monday court appearance to surface, but nothing came up the pike until yesterday.  It’s so incredible, it’s laughable.

The more Middleton tries to run away from culpability for the destruction of Aprina Paul’s body, if not outright murder, the worse it gets for him.  Investigation of the young woman’s remains continue.  However, he’s facing an additional three years on a possible 40-year-long combined jail sentence for attempting to bust out of the slam.  Again, Middleton had to follow and respond to the proceedings on video feed from jail, because the authorities are afraid that he will abscond from justice.  From Channel 3000:

According to a criminal complaint, Nathan Middleton, 29, wrote his mother a letter from Rock County Jail, where he’s been incarcerated since Nov. 20 in lieu of a $100,000 cash bond, asking her to help him break out. Officials said in the letter, Middleton asked his mother to “blow (the window) out with something that will blow a big hole in it for me to get out of it.”

“We have him plotting an escape, attempting, but we do not have any information that she did anything to assist him at this point,” Rock County District Attorney David O’Leary said.


In the afternoon on Dec. 2, a detective listening to a phone call from Middleton to his mother said Middleton referenced the letter, telling her “if you can’t do what’s in that letter I’m just going to end it,” according to the document.

He’s going to commit suicide?

These guys had better put him not only on extra lock-down but on suicide watch.

GazettExtra from Janesville, as always, has been getting into more specifics, namely about that letter:

“So if you love me and want me to come home you will do this for me,” Middleton wrote in the Dec. 2 letter, according to the complaint.

Nathan Middleton, 29, of 12016 W. Highway 14, Evansville, told his mother the letter is “no joke” and that he could not serve more time in jail, according to the complaint.

After escaping, he planned to flee the country with his family, according to the complaint.

“As soon as I get out I’m taking my family to Mexico I know people there that will help us to get on are (sic) feet,” Middleton wrote, according to the complaint.

Really?  If you “want me to come home”?  Where is home anymore?  Or a safe house?  When he wrote “family,” did he include the now-pregnant Brittney Humphrey and her baby?

Just how was he going to arrange all this?  I’d sure like to know what friends he had that would assist him south of the border or even while he and the family were on the lam.

Maybe Middleton thinks that he is Butch Cassidy; however, there was no happy ending in that movie, either.

Middleton is alleged to have provided his mother with a list of things to do to prepare for the jailbreak.  Riddled with grammatical errors, the list included:

  • “Look on line (sic) and see what you can come up with to blow the wall.”
  • “Get a rental car and take the plate’s (sic) off and steal some different plates and put them on.”
  • “Park the rental car on 14 in front of the jail and running (sic) do that 5 minutes before you blow (sic) the wall.”
  • “Have a change of clothing in the car for me and I will let you know where to pick the car up after I get a new one.”
  • Put the bomb in the middle of the window (sic) that is where it is weak and light the fuse and take off fast.”

And how did Middleton try to get this letter to his mother?  Through his attorney, Assistant Public Defender Kelly Mattingly, who unwittingly according to the rules brought it to the authorities, and who is now a material witness in this new case.  Thing is, Middleton should have known that the authorities would vet the correspondence as well as the jail conversations.   This guy is clueless, but that’s a byproduct of desperation.   The more Middleton does, the wider and deeper he digs the hole.

The county must now obtain counsel for Middleton outside of the public defender pool, because there is now a conflict of interest.  The defense attorney cannot be a witness for the prosecution.  Mattingly thus withdrew as Middleton’s counsel yesterday.  Another witness is one of the inmates at the Rock County Jail who tipped off a detective about the hapless Middleton’s dreams and schemes.

Middleton’s mother won’t be accused of assisting in this cockamamie plot because there is no evidence “as of now” that she agreed to or set out to plan the jailbreak according to Middleton’s instructions.  What gets me is that (1) he would attempt to include her in this mess of his own making, and (2) if she had gone along with the plot, what if the woman had suffered an injury, perhaps a fatal one, handling something as potentially volatile as dynamite?  I wouldn’t dare do my mom like that.

There is nothing about the mother leaving Middleton a weapon just in case the sheriff’s deputies would be waiting for him outside the jail after the explosion.  Or, whether Middleton ever thought that he might be injured from the blast and would be too impaired by or be unable to escape.  Perhaps this possibility did not enter his thinking either.

Middleton is scheduled for another court appearance on Monday, December 23.

Stay tuned.

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