Florida Man Who Threw Infant on the Freeway Says It’s All “a Dirty Game”

Tiny Emanuel Wesley Murray, who was beaten, thrown to the pavement, and finally thrown from his mother’s former boyfriend’s car on I-275 (Courtesy: febone1960.net)

I think it should be obvious already that this is a relatively kid-friendly blog. I mean, I would rather talk about the positive aspects of our kids and young people who are already presenting what it takes to be leaders and individuals of worth.

Then, there are people who are bound and determined to snuff out any hope and life, who are sick and depraved because their lives have been full of sickness and depravity. The smallest and most defenseless they find to be beneath care. Nits make lice.

Twenty-one-year-old Richard McTear is one such person.

McTear wasn’t even the infant’s father.

(I wish the above video hadn’t been from Faux Noise, which loves to front-page certain black people’s dysfunction for political purposes, but sometimes they’re good for this kind of thing.)

Jasmine Bedwell, 17, started dating Richard Anthony McTear Jr. about 10 months ago, when she was pregnant with the child of another man, a man in prison.

From the beginning, McTear did not warm up to the boy, said the infant’s great aunt Roberta Thomas. Bedwell told Thomas she was frightened of McTear and feared for her boy’s safety.

“She was always scared of him,” Thomas said. “He didn’t care for the child.”

So why did Jasmine keep sleeping with him? This is always a warning sign. If the thug doesn’t like your children, stay the hell away from him, period.

Yet McTear was even at the birth of the baby, cutting the umbilical cord.

Jasmine Bedwell “[…] been a victim all her life,” said Jeff Rainey, chief operating officer of Hillsborough Kids Inc., an organization that oversees Hillsborough County’s child services providers. Since junior high, Bedwell was with Hillsborough Kids, and lately had been receiving assistance to transition out of foster care. She may have been warned against McTear and had been beaten by him on various occasions, but she still had not been able to follow her instincts and her better judgment that emotional and physical abuse was not loving or caring.

Last month, Bedwell obtained an injunction against McTear for domestic violence, but she didn’t show up in court on Monday, and of course, the case was dropped. In the complaint, Bedwell stated that McTear had a drug problem, was armed and had violent tendencies. Apparently, scaring him with jail wasn’t enough. Early Tuesday morning, McTear broke into Bedwell’s home and finding her gone, waited for her to show up. Here’s what happened next, according to the Tampa Bay Tribune:

When Bedwell closed the door, McTear began to beat her with his fists. He choked her, leaving abrasions on her neck. He bit her on the right arm and shoulder.

Then he threatened her and the baby. “I’m gonna kill the both of ya’ll,” he said.

Emanuel was in a car seat. McTear picked it up and threw it across the apartment.

He picked it up and threw it again. Emanuel fell out, onto the concrete floor.

Bedwell then ran out of the apartment, leaving her baby behind, to call for help. Deputies received a call from her shortly after 3 a.m.

When she left, McTear grabbed the child, put him in his Chevrolet Impala and drove off, eventually heading southbound on I275, where he tossed the baby out of the driver’s side window onto the shoulder.

The perpetrator, Richard McTear, now in police custody.

The perpetrator, Richard McTear, now in police custody.

An hour later, a photo- and video-journalist passed a bundle on the freeway. Doubling back, he was horrified to find that he wasn’t mistaken about the bundle having eyes.

Jason Bird, a photojournalist for Fox 13, said he was heading into work an hour earlier than usual when he noticed what he thought was just trash or debris in the road’s shoulder.

But the image of a face stuck in his mind, he said.

Hoping it was just a baby doll, he looped around on the interstate and called his office. When he returned to the scene, he could tell it was the body of a baby.

Initially, Bird thought the baby was a girl, but deputies say they’ve confirmed the body to be three-month old Emanuel Wesley Murray.

The Tampa Bay Tribune reports that McTear’s record is full of arrests for domestic violence, starting from when he was 14, when he beat up his own mother:

•The first Tampa police arrest against McTear came in November 2001, when he was 14. He was charged with misdemeanor battery-domestic violence. In that case, police said the Webb Middle School eighth-grader kicked and slapped his mother from the back seat of a vehicle.

•In March 2006, McTear’s child was found wandering alone outside McTear’s apartment, Temple Terrace police say. An investigator found the man asleep. Investigators charged McTear with child neglect, but the charge was later dropped because of lack of evidence.

•In November 2007, he was charged with domestic battery against a woman, but she later waived prosecution.

•In yet another domestic violence case, McTear entered the apartment of his then-girlfriend Louvena Cromartie through an unlocked back door in February 2008. McTear punched Cromartie in the face and pushed her to the ground, Hillsborough County sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Carter said. Cromartie was knocked unconscious. McTear pleaded guilty to felony battery and was placed on probation through June 2010, records say.

A previous incident two years ago seemed to portend what would happen to little Emmanuel:

In 2007, McTear avoided prosecution on felony criminal domestic battery by strangulation charges when the victim waived prosecution. That case didn’t involve Bedwell. In that incident, police said, he beat his girlfriend up, stole her car with their 3-year-old child in the back seat, gave the child back and burned the car.

Through the media, McTear stated that he still loved Jasmine Bedwell and that he was innocent.


[Roberta] Thomas, the child’s great aunt from St. Petersburg, said the boy’s incarcerated father is devastated and hopes to get a furlough to attend the funeral services.

What gets me about this case is that no one truly stepped up, not even the mother’s family members, until it was too late.

Two days later, at the arraignment, McTear showed no signs of remorse.

As he waited for a judge to read the serious charge against him, McTear, at times appeared bored.


Forensic psychologist Dr. Valerie McClain says McTear’s lack of remorse after his arrest is his way of justifying his rage by placing blame on the victim.

“The perpetrator is so angry and upset with the victim they will take anything and everything from the person to punish them for not doing what they want them to do,” said Dr. McClain.

Black people are going to have to realize that they will have to stop protecting these psychopaths. They’re not black men. They’re psychopaths who will kill.

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11 Responses to “Florida Man Who Threw Infant on the Freeway Says It’s All “a Dirty Game””

  1. SO i think this young man needed help when he was perhaps a child they say his father was a violent man too.It’s a pattern people we all need to stand up to abusers and yes women can be abusers too,How many children do you know that are right now living in bad situations we all need to stop minding our own businesses and get a more noisy with our friends and neighbors,children also need mentoring when there is no father in the home…RIP emmanuel..


  2. Why should we pay to keep him in jail? Throw him in front of a train. Throw him into general population and tell them all what he did. Kill this sick and demented man.


    • If he has killed the infant child of another convict, his ass is already in double trouble, because there will be repercussions. Any guy who has raped or abused children is potentially dead meat behind bars. There are individuals in these prisons that will “take care” of such men, and they don’t have to be gang members, either. I think he will be dead within two years if he gets life w/o possibility of parole.

      Look what happened to Jeffrey Dahmer. He didn’t last long in jail either. Wasn’t it about 8 months before he was done to death?


  3. He should be tossed in the same jail cell as the baby’s daddy.


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  5. There is a special place in Hell for this criminal. As a father of 4, I am sickened to hear about another male of African descent commit such an evil act. I am sickened not surprised unfortunately.


    • Brother, you know I’m not talking about men like you who may be taking care of business; I am trying to warn those in relationships, particularly the young women, to move away from young men like this. Men who abuse them and their children by other men or not. Because this is NOT love. Love is not a fat lip and two black eyes, or a baby with its brains bashed in. To be in a relationship like this is self-hatred and mental illness.


  6. All I can say is SAD.


  7. What appauls me is we as a Community see the signs and trun our backs or open our damn “doors to late” as the neighbor stated.
    When will we learn that it trully takes a village to raise a child. This was a innocent life ,a defenseless baby come on people wake the hell up!


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  9. This is by far the most disturbing story that I have heard in my life. And to think that someone could be this evil or demented is absolutely scary. This “child” needed help or punished (I don’t know which) long before now. It’s sad that an innocent baby lost his life while others refused to get involved. TRAGIC!!


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