Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: Busting Out of Jail The Hard Way – Nathan Middleton Wanted His Mother to Provide Explosives and a Car for His Jail Break

• December 20, 2013 • Comments Off

Nathan Middleton Attempts Jail Break Days Before His Court Appearance on December 17

• December 13, 2013 • 1 Comment

Golden Globes Announced: “Twelve Years a Slave” and Kerry Washington in Contention

• December 12, 2013 • Comments Off

In the Never Forget Category: R Kelly’s Twitter Account Blows Up With Snarks About His Thing for Underage Girls, Not Questions About His New CD

• December 12, 2013 • Comments Off

That “Cartoon Scandal”: Episode 9, “YOLO”

• December 9, 2013 • Comments Off

Amber Riley (from “Glee”) Becomes The Seventeenth Season Winner of “Dancing With The Stars”

• November 29, 2013 • Comments Off

Those Posters From Facebook: Anything From A to Z

• November 22, 2013 • Comments Off


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