That “Scandal Cartoon”: Episode 7, ‘Everything’s Coming Up Mellie’

• November 16, 2013 • Comments Off

Another Shooting in D.C.: An “Erratic” But Unarmed Woman Drove to the White House First, Tried to Breach Security, Then Was Chased by Cops, and Finally Was Shot and Killed with Her Child in the Back Seat

• October 3, 2013 • 1 Comment

Don’t Come For the First Lady While She Is Speaking, Or She May Come Back at You with a Vengeance (w/Update)

• June 5, 2013 • Comments Off

Those Cartoons from Facebook, March 25, 2013

• March 25, 2013 • Comments Off

The Democratic Convention, September 5, 2012: The Big Dog Returns…in More Ways Than One

• September 8, 2012 • Comments Off

Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: Democrats and Independents, You Gotta Vote Come November and Here is How

• September 3, 2012 • Comments Off

That Poster From Facebook: How We See President Obama

• August 11, 2012 • Comments Off


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