That Cartoon from Facebook: “Mammaries v. Man Boobs”

At least, this is what I call it.

These days, when everything—breasts and stomachs and asses—on Boomers and Mid-Boomers/Jones Generation is trending south, it pays to be discreet…not to make judgements about who looks worse. 

Or succumb to outright jealousy.

Besides, it’s great to have your gals swinging free into middle age.  And cancer-free.

I’ve enjoyed my share of nude California beaches here and there.  If I were ever invited again to one of those sun-kissed beaches, giving up a flash of well-oiled breastesses under a gauzy, long, white cotton shirt would tell a lot more than a full onslaught.  But that’s my feeling.

The cartoonist is Scott Metzger from This was passed over to me by my Buddhist friend Jane (who is recovering from breast cancer) from her connection John in Brooklyn.



~ by blksista on February 10, 2012.

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