Shaniya Davis Update: Antoinette Davis Due in Court February 2, But No Trial Date Set

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Via from The Black Urban Times and Alicia Cruz. The original link to WRAL, however, has disappeared and another story has taken its place. Anyone trying to find that article may to have to pay for it.

Antoinette Davis, the Cumberland County woman accused of selling her daughter into sexual slavery, is set to appear in court again on February 2 to face felony criminal charges in connection to the murder of her daughter, Shaniya Davis.

The Black Urban Times learned Friday that D.W. Bray, the Fayetteville attorney representing Antoinette Davis plans to ask the court for a continuation at that February 2 appearance.

“It will be continued,” said law office employee Melissa. When asked for further comment, we were told, “that is all we can say about the case at this time.”

Antoinette Davis has been charged with felony human trafficking, felony child abuse and prostitution, resisting a public official and filing a false police report.

Davis, who was pregnant at the time of her arrest, has been free on bond since her release from Central Women’s Prison in Raleigh, North Carolina on February 21, 2010. Attempts to locate and reach Davis or members of her family for comment were unsuccessful.

I’ll bet, on that last sentence. I think I had footage of a very pregnant Davis being chased down by a reporter and video crew after appearing in court. She wouldn’t stand still for an interview, refused to say anything, and kept walking to a waiting car. Davis, her mom, and their relatives are keeping their heads down; Davis may even be living well away from Fayetteville, just like her sperm donor, Bradley Lockhart. Lockhart now lives in another state and occasionally pops up for memorials to his daughter. The daughter he so cavalierly dumped on her mother so that he would finally have her off his hands. He still refuses to acknowledge his own role in this mess.

It’s been said that the baby Davis was carrying was a boy and that he was fostered out–by the same Department of Social Services that is stonewalling a thorough investigation into his half-sister’s death.  Davis already had another male child, who is also in foster care, and who has supplied the authorities with testimony regarding his mother’s and Mario Andrette McNeill’s movements at the time Shaniya was abducted.

I’ve tried to Google Antoinette Davis, but nothing else recent comes up from more mainstream sources. Shaniya’s alleged killer, Mario Andrette McNeill, is still in the slammer; his case comes up March 1 in the Cumberland County District Court.

Anyone with any additional information, and those with info that have preferably working links, are welcome to present them in the Comments.

Otherwise, stay tuned.

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17 Responses to “Shaniya Davis Update: Antoinette Davis Due in Court February 2, But No Trial Date Set”

  1. COME ON we need details. Justice must be served. I am so angry that there is no further coverage on this case. No one cares about our black children. meanwhile every little detail about the Casey Anthony trial is news. That was a sad sad case as well. Breaks my heart, but she is white. They only cared a bit about the Shaniya case because the beautiful child’s “Father” is white. He was no father by the way and I do believe he is just as guilty for negligence! He would NEVER have left that baby with that poor excuse for a human being mother if he truly loved Shaniya. You can tell his other children hate him if you go back and watch the videos around the time the case broke.


  2. I’m so sickened by this case. There is so much abuse and injustice done towards children, but for some reason, this particular case has made me literally sick to my stomach. I think about Shaniya ALL the time, the suffering she must have endured. I have a 5 year old angel and I weep for Shaniya. This case should continue to be in the forefront and not be forgotten. I think it’s the pictures that were shown on Nancy Grace of that BASTARD carrying her into the motel/hotel room. Where is the man above to protect these innocent babies? What have they done to deserve this? I wish there was something more that I could do to honor her short life and prevent this from happening to another angel.


  3. The mother is sick, hands down… Another angel lost to other people’s issues.


  4. I just pray that true justice prevails for this girl. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t take time to visit where his daughter lays to rest. No one who carries a child for nine months n sells her has a heart to begin with. I pray that she can finally be at peace.


  5. Hi,

    Do you have any updates on the pending trials in this case? Nothing is available via internet searches and I am not located in the US so cannot catch the latest news programmes.

    If you do please can you email me or leave a message on my blog



  6. It is SICKENING how long it is taking for justice to be served. I can’t believe Antoinette bonded out. I just can’t believe it.


    • I really do think that she and Shaniya’s father are being allowed to slide because the Department of Social Services is complicit in this mess as well. It is already known that they destroyed documents pertaining to this case so that law enforcement would not have a leg to stand on if they went after DSS higher-ups. I also think that Shaniya’s father is not as pristine as some believe him to be, and that he may have unsavory connections, even to people at DSS. The less said or revealed about this case for many people, the better. It’s a damn shame, but Shaniya will not rest easy.


      • i think your a black racist….got some fucking nerve to talk about the dad…am a black man and for you to try and blame the dad is ridiculous…..your life is not worth much


        • You are out of your mind, number one.

          Second, you’re not black.

          A man–a real man and a real black man–would be a father to his child(ren). This man was no father. He’s been known to make babies all over, and then refuses to care for them or provide for them. This has been long documented.

          Bradley Lockhart lives in another state with another woman with whom he has had another child–a white woman it is said–and creeps back into Carolina periodically to garner ill-chosen sympathy for “losing” his daughter and possibly get contributions for his so-called advocacy group that he most probably spends on himself. The daughter he dumped on her reprobate mother, and then took off so that he wouldn’t have to care for her. Lockhart did the same with the children of his first marriage, dumping them with his in-laws and refusing to pay child support. Particularly with Shaniya, he did this without checking with the authorities about the true state of Antoinette Davis’ economic and living situation. Because previously, every time she was sent to her mother, Shaniya was burned with cigarettes and abused.

          Some father.

          And you’re an idiot.


  7. So this all went down in Nov 2009 and still no resolution? I’m just sitting here wondering wtf? I’ve been all over Google/Bing/etc and cannot find anything on current updates. Having a 5 y/o and 1 y/o myself this story sickens me and not a day goes by when I think about how twisted these two were.


    • It makes me wonder whether these culprits will be getting a slap on the wrist at the end. Antoinette especially needs some jail time.


  8. Actually Antoinette gave birth to a little girl and she was named Kayla. I have included a link to a photo of her and her father Clarence Coe. These pictures were taken in a DSS office so we can only assume that the state has custody of her.!/photo.php?fbid=177758358924924&set=a.177542638946496.37369.100000722835734


    • Thank you very much for correcting me!

      And if I were Clarence Coe, with his notoriety, I wouldn’t be on Facebook. But that is my opinion.


  9. Waiting so long for this county to get its act together is insane enough, but what is most horrific is that this piece of sick trash was allowed to bond out of jail in the first place. I am at peace knowing she will one day be in the deepest pit of hell; until then she should be, now and forever more, rotting in prison, serving out her time the way her beautiful, innocent baby girl spent her final horrific hours here on earth. Get it together, Cumberland County DA, and get this woman back behind bars NOW.


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